Bill makes it easier to unionize at Fed Ex

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    Bill makes it easier to unionize at FedEx - Courier Journal

    The House of Representatives passed a bill 277-136 that would make it easier for unions to organize FedEx workers, prompting FedEx to renew its threat to hold off buying billions of dollars of new planes if the bill becomes law.

    Supporters of the bill, including the Teamsters union and FedEx's biggest rival, UPS, applauded the vote. But the bill faces a difficult climb in the Senate, where a similar House measure died in 2007.
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    OK everybody, let's all comment on this so airbusfxr doesn't get his panties in a wad.

    Looking good so far for the anti-competition forces at UPS (including me) and the Teamsters (including 705red). It'll be close in the Senate with the McCain doing everything for his butt-buddy FredEx,
    It's an attempt at humor folks (especially you - CorpMgt1907).
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    First off, this BILL is a good thing! I know of Fedex Drivers who have been at FEDEX over 12 years and are still NOT at TOP PAY and have no real chance of getting there. What ever happened to... Equal Pay for Equal Work? Not at FEDEX it looks like. Hours are cut now and have a rule in place to only guarantee you a 35 hour pay schedule and doesn't have to pay you that minimum if you you refuse to work another shift or a Saturday. OT seams to go to employees with lesser seniority or by route knowledge. Favoritism is a big issue and the ones who kiss up to management always seems to do better. Fair is fair so let the empoyees have a voice and a chance to decide their fate. If it is a really good place to work you all will know soon enough. The employees know what they want or need and can decide it for themselves. Why not let thme have their voice??? Is Fedex scared of that or just loosing out in the money they will loose because of a vote? Greed is good? Greed is wrong? Let them have their vote and get it over with once and for all.
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    Greed is good--Gordon Gekko. Wall Street.