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Hi folks, as we all know theres just not enough room in the profile section to write about yourself. Most cafers just dont take it seriously. This thread is intended to have poster write something about themselves. Cheryl, your included. ( : Some suggestions, likes and dislikes, where you grew up, something funny that happened to you growing up, favorite hobbies, tell about your father, mother, brother or sister, or any thing else you'd like. Remember we are not charged by the word in our post, so the longer the better LOL. In doing this, I believe it will create a stronger bond with each other. Even exposing something personal like a tragedy,family loss or just a plan, bad, emotional experience that you can share. In doing so it can be a healing process as well as helping someone else that might be going thru the same similar problem. God bless and take care, area 43 ( ;


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OK, I gave it some thought so I'll give it a shot.
I was born in Lemont Furnace, PA. I was raised (from 3 mos. on) in Akron Ohio. Went through 12 yrs. of Catholic school and was all set after my senior year to be a nun.......Then, that summer, I met hubby.

We will have our 40th anniv. in September. We have 3 kids all grown & gone. We have 3 grandkids. They live in the best places to visit....Vegas & Hawaii.

We moved from Akron OH. in '75 to Salt Lake City Utah when UPS opened up the West. Moved from there to Idaho Falls, ID. and were there for 7 years. Holy hell during the winters!! We moved back to Salt Lake for a couple years and then lastly were sent to SoCal......paradise on earth!!

I'm so glad this is where we ended up. We are retired (quit in 2000) and are loving it.

Hubby was a driver, on car sup, personnel, MBC co-ordinator,center mgr. and lastly, division mgr.
Hubby is an avid golfer (8 handicap) and golfs 4 days a week. I'm not sure what all I do, but I keep running out of time to do it.


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The most memorable part of growing up for me in Chicago was the 60's.

In 1963 I can remember when JFK got assasinated, I was in 6th grade, Catholic school, when the PA system came on to say the President was shot. I didn't know until I got home from school that he was killed. I remember watching TV in black and white with the rest of family and nation, stunned and saddened. I couldn't understand why something like that could happen in this country. I remember watching the funeral and John-John saluting his father's casket. I still follow any news regarding the Kennedy family, as I find the family history fascinating.

I remember the Civil Rights movement. I was in high school and learned that MLK, Jr was assasinated in Memphis. This time an assembly was called, we were sent home and advised not to return until further notice. I went to a Catholic High School in a mixed neighborhood. The riots soon followed and once again I can remember watching the riots on TV. Richard J Daley was the mayor then and gave the order to the National Guard "Shoot to kill" regarding all the looting and burning in parts of the city.

Bobby Kennedy getting killed in LA, yet another tragedy for the Kennedy family.

In 1969 Man landed on the moon, and all the old people were saying the world is changing, as man had no business going to the moon. Hippies were into love and peace, guys growing their hair (something like DS's photo:cool:) anti- war protests, and the Vietnam war.

The music of the time, listened to on a transisor radio,
Motown, Folk Singers, Country and Western, British Bands. The Beatles and Rolling Stones on Ed Sullivan on black and white TV.

Was a complex and exciting time, to grow up and be part of the history of the 60's


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This is a great thread, I love reading it.

I remember when JFK was shot, and I was 5, and my parents were freaking out. He was so loved, who would kill him.. and I remember the funeral was all that was on like forever. When you are five, hours is like forever. I remember being in Cleveland, with my Dad when the Beatles were there, and it was like to me a riot.

I spent most of my free time with my Dad at dirt tracks on the weekends, and he was so proud of me in my first "powderpuff" in a 440 barracuda. 1969, I think. I finished 11th, out of 22 and he never ever quit talking aBOUT IT!!!

My parents are both gone, as well as a sister and brother.
I have 2 boys, 29 and 33, both college graduates with good careers, one in military one in business. And I have four beautiful grandchildren. 2 boys and two girls. I have a dog named tikibelle, and a husband. And lots of good memories at UPS since 1984, and made lots of friends. Right now I enjoy gardening, remodeling, and reading, and shopping on the internet.

But, my love was always horses and I cant believe I dont have one anymore. When I was young like 12, I had a horse, well 3 to be exact at different times. And I won trophies and ribbons at most shows. And not in the expensive tack and equitation classses, in the races, boot, pick up and egg. I tried to always make sure whatever my kids did I supported them, even if it was something I didnt understand..... like football, or tennis, I was there. I had an arabian, who I could jump on with nothing, and she would go wherever I told her, and it just flowed. I didnt need a saddle, bridle nothing.
So for any of you who have kids, always show interest. I know my parents loved me, but they didnt know how important what I did when I was young was to me. I have only one pic of me when I was young on my horse, taken by an aunt. I have a million of my kids, to let them know how important they were.
So I guess my biggest piece of advice to people with young children, is camera, camera, camera.

I enjoy art shows, and garage sales, and vegging at home. I dont enjoy going out nearly as much as I used to, a good time to me is "staying home"
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Sounds good 43, where’s yours? LOL.

I hit the half century mark this year, looking back I’ve had a great life so far. I was born in Virginia but my parents and big brother were immigrants. They emigrated from West Virginia in the early 50’s. My dad was looking to get out of the coalmines and came here for a better opportunity. My parents were married when they were 16 & 17, and they didn’t have too! LOL. Big brother didn’t come along until a couple years later. LOL. Big brother has 15 years on me. If he hadn’t been such a big baby I’d be 10 or so years older. LOL.

My father was able to go into business for himself when I was 10. He owned a gas station and I thought that was the coolest place in the world to hangout. It was there that I learned about service, honesty, and doing the right thing from Dad. The family spent a lot of time there, 7 days a week and long days at that. Mom would make dinner, pack it up and we would go to the station and all have dinner together. Looking back I realize my Dad risked everything we had to get his business. It paid off for the family.

At 18 I was hired into a work/study program with a local police department. Worked went to school and still managed to help Dad some on the weekends. I was all set to continue a career in law enforcement when I met my 1st wife. Little did I know at the time, she was Satan’s sister. Just after we had a couple kids she decided to go full fledge whacko and disappear for days at a time. With marital problems consuming my life combined with a really close call with death as a cop I made a career change. A good friend and coworker convinced me my attention being focused at home was going to get me killed.

Bounced around a couple other jobs and finally the female Satan moved out to “find herself”. I went for custody of the kids but judges in Virginia were reluctant to hand little girls over to their fathers. My X had 2 DUI arrests within 3 months, still a no go. I just did my best to raise them from outside and never bashed their mother in front of them. The “no bashing” suggestion came from a very good friend, it paid off big time in the end.

I was laid off from a job in late November 86. The company had set us up to get assistance from the state employment commission. I walked in and they sent me to UPS, driver helper. Ended up working all of December, 50-55 hours a week with the same driver. The driver and delivery sup recommended me for a peak season driver in 87. UPS hired me in September of 87 as a seasonal driver, been there ever since. Met my current wife on road first week on the job. We’ve been married 17+ years and made a couple kids, 14 and 11. My wife never ever complains about OT or me missing things at school. She grew up an Army brat and is used to the “duty calls” stuff. She supports me in most anything I want to do, and I the same to her.

My father passed away almost 3 years ago. I learned so much from him that I use everyday in work and life. He taught me how to get along with folks that don’t always deserve respect. He told everyone he met that his son worked for UPS, he was very proud to say that. I’m also very grateful of the love and joy my parents showed towards each other. They acted like 2 teenagers in love until the day Dad passed on. They had 64 years together. Not to leave out Mom, but I get my wit and humor from her. How many 83 year old women will hide around a corner so they can spray whipped cream in your face? LOL.

Through my UPS years I also helped out my brother some at his gas station and I did some time with Nascar as an official in the Weekly Racing Series (local tracks) where REAL racing takes place. Moved up the racing ladder to Chief Steward/Race Director and officially retired from racing last year. I’ll occasionally get a call from a track needing help with an issue or just needing me to fill in for a day.

Hobbies? Hot Rods, metalworking, car shows, and teaching my 11 year old daughter to weld. I also help a friend that does high end car restorations. In my CD player, anything from Boston to Montgomery Gentry. TV, Discovery Channel, Speed Channel, or the History Channel. Not much of a stick and ball fan, rather be playing with cars.

Life’s been good to me, and yes, that includes my 20 at Brown.

Hey 43, was that long enough? LOL.


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Hi More, not sure where I could have posted this, but here is good as any. About Del Taco, as I stated before it was started by a man named Mr. Hackbar. We lived in between Daggett(which is on the interstate 40 side) and Yermo(on the interstate 15 side). Actually the house is next to Silver Valley High School. Anyhow, Mr Hackbar started the first El Taco, no I did not spell it wrong, yes that was its name before Del Taco. Mr Hackbar opened up the small El Taco in big downtown Yermo. LOL My Dad lives in an hotel in Barstow, sometimes he'll move to a hotel in Victorville. Dad drove through Yermo and told me the place hasn't changed a whole lot. He said some signs were still up, from the 60 s and 70 s.

Back to El Taco. The building was small. A walk up window and a drive thru. As kids we would eat our meal on picknic tables. It was fun. Later on,Mr. Hackbar decided to move and open up the first Del Taco in Barstow. I believe it is the one located next to the first street trestle bridge that crosses the railroad tracks. One other thing you might want to do is drive through main street Barstow, its part of the famous hwy 66, actually. One thing you'll notice is some of the old motels(one level) are there. Maybe you and your hubby can stay the night in one. LOL Most are still in operation. Bring your quarters for the bed. Its like going back in time.


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Wow my life was boring compared to y'alls (Yes I am a TEXAN!!) Born and raised in Dallas Tx all my life. Spent 9 months in Flordia and missed home. The only weird about my life is that I was married at 15 and still with him today 16 years later. Have a 13 yr old daughter and a 9 year old son.