Black Friday

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    If anyone says retailers are suffering ,I saw things differently this morning. Walmart at 5 AM had the fullest parking lot I have ever seen. People had carts with 2 and 3 TVs in them. They needed traffic lights for all the aisles, especially in elecronics.

    Even Office Depot had folks lined up at the door for their 6 AM opening. Total craziness !
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    Jeez, on the 11:00 news last night they showed a few people in line for the 4AM opening of the stores!

    And they had expected many more! What kind of person does that???
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  4. over9five

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    OMG, what a horrible story.

    Killed in the Christmas spirit?
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    Just got in from shopping.

    Kohls had 3 checkout lines that wrapped half way around the inside of the store. I would guess at least 300 people waiting in the lines. The store opened at 4 am and I was there at 8 am and the lines were stll incredibly long.

    I wonder how much they lose in sales because of the long lines.

    I also went to Home Depot (no long lines there) to get a Dewalt 18 volt cordless drill that was advertised for $99. It comes with 2 rechargeable batteries and a charger (I needed the batteries for my Dewalt radio at work). They were sold out when I got there, so I went to Lowe's and they matched the $99 price.
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    People would run over Santa just to grab his sack.

  7. over9five

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    I wouldn't.....I don't know him that well!
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    I find the entire concept of "Black Friday" to be utterly repugnant.

    I refuse to get up at 4:00 AM and be herded into line like a head of cattle being led to slaughter, just so that I can experience the "privelege" of saving $25 on a piece of Chinese-made crap from a big-box retail store.

    Every year you hear stories of people getting in fistfights, or of brawls and riots breaking out among shoppers who literally camped out all night in a Wal-Mart parking lot. This year, a man was actually trampled to death. It is sickening.

    My wife and I do our Christmas shopping throughout the year. We like to browse at outdoor Saturday markets or patronize small, local stores. We find neat gifts to buy and then spend months looking forward to giving them to the recipient. We also do some of our shopping online, in our pajamas, kicking back by the fireplace with the dogs at our feet and some nice music playing.

    We refuse to shop at WalMart, and it has been several years since we have even visited a mall of any kind. I dont feel like we are missing out on anything.
  9. The Other Side

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    2 men put their 2nd amendment rights to use on Black Friday.

    Glad you all support allowing nut cases to have guns so there can be shootouts like the wild wild west!

    PALM DESERT, Calif. – Two men pulled guns and shot each other to death in a crowded toy store Friday after the women with them erupted into a bloody brawl, witnesses said. Scared shoppers fled but no one else was hurt.
    The violence erupted on Black Friday, the traditional post-Thanksgiving start of the holiday shopping surge, but authorities indicated the shooting wasn't related to a shopping frenzy.
    Riverside County sheriff's Sgt. Dennis Gutierrez said the fight was not over a toy. He said handguns were found by the men's bodies, but he released little other information. He would not answer a question about whether the shooting was gang-related.
    Witnesses Scott and Joan Barrick said they were checking out of the store when the fight began between two women, each with a man. The women were near the checkout area, but the Barricks did not think the women had purchases.
    One woman suddenly started punching the other woman, who fought back as blood flowed from her nose, Scott Barrick, 41, said.
    The man who was with the woman being punched pulled a gun halfway out of his pocket, then shoved it back in, he said.
    "He pulled his gun right next to me. I turned to look for my wife, and she was already hiding," Barrick said.
    "I was scared," said Joan Barrick, 40. "I didn't want to die today. I really didn't want to die today, and I think that's what we were all thinking."
    The other man pulled a gun and pointed it at the first man but forgot to cock it, Scott Barrick said. The first man tried to run but was blocked by the line of people, then ran back toward the store's electronics section as the other man fired his gun, he said.
    The first man reached a dead-end in electronics, turned around and ran toward an exit, pulling his gun and firing back, he said.
    "He went up to the cash register, he went to put his hand on the thing and he just went phoomp," he said, indicating the man fell.
    He said he did not see what happened to the other man.
    Palm Desert Councilman Jim Ferguson said police told him two men with handguns shot and killed each other.
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    :rofl: I just knew one of you couldn't resist that one.
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    I agree.:wink2: I enjoy taking the time to find that perfect unique gift. I pretty much shop all year round. A little here, a little there. It's great to be able to sit comfortably at home and find really good bargains online. No stress. No fighting traffic or trying to find a parking spot. I too avoid the mall like the plague.

    Well, here we go again. We seem to be missing key information to make your argument stick. Were the guns registered? Did these two idiots have permits to carry and conceal? Whether guns are legal or not, criminals will ALWAYS find a way to get them. Prohibition did NOT work and caused more crime and death by simply creating something for criminals to profit from. Prohibiting guns will cause the same vacuum. I still think it should be legal to carry unconcealed hand guns. In my opinion it is a deterrent. These two obviously had their weapons concealed and most likely had no carry permits. It's a tragedy, but is this really an epidemic? I think not.
    Again......Guns do not kill people. People kill people with guns. They could just have easily been carrying razor knives and slit each others throats. Are you going to ban razor knives too? I could probably beat you to death with your own arm. Should we take that from you too?

    BTW. Who is "you all"? Are you trying to pick a fight by directing your question to "everyone"?
    Who EVER said we support "nutcases" having guns? Please......
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  12. Jones

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    Depends on the state, Virginia is open carry and I know we're not the only ones.

    At least these two nutcases hit what they were aiming for and made this incident a closed loop.
  13. diesel96

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    It's a shame two men can't settle their differences the old fashion way...Mano y Mano.....Their women turned out to be more of a man than the two triggerhappy cowards with the guns.
    For those "English only" worry warts ;
    "mano y mano" is Spanish for Hand to hand. Usually associated in engaging in throwing fisticuffs.

    Is layman's terms, a fight not involved with guns or firearms, are associated with the term.

    But no excuses on either's part , to display dispicable behavior on a tradition family outing such as Black Friday at any level shows the depths of their low pitiful lives. Hope these two women who starting fighting are proud of the result of what escalated in the end while they sit in a urine infested jailcell.
  14. over9five

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    You can't blame both men.

    One did the right thing, and tried to escape without drawing his gun. It was only when he was backed into a corner that he drew. HE was defending himself.

    I will have my .45, as always, while I'm out today.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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  16. soberups

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    2nd amendment rights do not include brandishing weapons or shooting at one another in a public place.

    Both of the men involved were already criminals, by virtue of the fact that they were carrying concealed weapons without permits. As a practical matter it is impossible to obtain a carry permit in the state of California.
    Since they already chose to break one law (illegal concealed carry) why do you think they would choose to obey any others?

    We do not know if the men had criminal records, or if they were gang members. We do not know if the guns were stolen.

    This story has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment. It is about two criminals shooting one another at a Wal-Mart.

    Since the fight was started by two women, perhaps we should ban women. There would be a 100% decrease in rapes, sex crimes, abortions and children fathered out of wedlock if we just banned women. How's them for some statistics?
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    This thread was really nice until TOS ruined it.
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    Yup, nothing new there. My first impulse was to delete it, as it has nothing to do with the thread topic, but some had already responded to it.

    Please remember, instead of responding to an obvious troll post that is off the topic of the thread, use the report post icon.
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    What's so nice about a Holiday trampling and a retail shooting spree ?
  20. tieguy

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    The anti-gun nuts have the hardest time understanding that concept.

    However if you try to ban women then you on your own dawg...:)