Blacklisted - Clarification On Refusal / Failed Drug Test ?


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The poppy seeds' effect on my system has went thru it course, I think, LoL

OMG, i eight too many poppy seed bagels this week!

FACT CHECK: Poppy Seeds Alter Drug Test Results?

I see your question mark. So if you're really asking for a fact check. I can share my experience working eight years in the medical field.

There were plenty of failed drug panels. But I've never seen a false positive. Especially from poppy seeds. Doesn't mean it can't happen tho.
If you aren't actually using, you better be sure to unpack your snack in front of the right people, so they see you eating poppy seeds consistently. Bagels? You're missing out Lemon poppyseed muffins taste way better than the bagels. I used to eat them all the time (I never had to drug test so I don't know if they would actually alter my personal drug free test result or not)
If you are using, then I hope you learn from your mistake and get a good slap on the hands for putting others and yourself in risk of potential danger. Shame shame.
Ps. If you ever have to fill out a form or some statement explaining why you may or may not have failed a drug panel - make sure to use the correct "ate" to help justify your poppy problem.


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You're DQ'd for life. Failed drug test is a lifetime DQ from Ground. It's worth a shot to go in and apply again though, you may get lucky and the old station management may have just put you on inactive status and not bothered to do the paperwork for a proper DQ. You should know within a day of applying.

We had a kid here that failed a premployment drug screen and kept coming back in to apply for other contractors. He wanted to keep his unemployment so he had to show he was applying for jobs.
I had a driver (an exceptionally good driver) fail a drug test a couple years ago. He asked if that meant Exepress as well. I assumed it did but told him it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot.

Two weeks later he's in at Express! I was a little furious but since he's a good guy and great driver I only mildly relayed my irritation to terminal management but found out one more thing: his disqualification wasn't permanent, it was for 3 years so I'm looking forward to bringing him back next spring.


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Whoa, you're Dairy-Queened for life if u flip a truck, yet u can come back after 3 years if positive on a drug test???

Maybe for a dui, but for opiates positive?!?!