Blame the driver without proof

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    Ever been blamed for something that in reality never happened? I'll never forget stopping at this old coots house and dropping off his medicine then getting chased by his dog back to the truck. I got back in the truck made my way to the next stop and here he comes in his old country squire station wagon :censored2: off and let me have it. Did you hit my mailbox? No sir as the box would have been demolished but looked the same as when I left it. So this conversation went on for awhile and I said I would tell you since I'm out here in your area everyday. The old military nut finally accepted my honest answer and never talked with me again.
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    I got blamed for hitting a car. My sup approaches me that night, and asked if there was something I wanted to tell him.
    The next day I saw my center manager, out there talking to the guy. I pulled in.
    First of all I never back to the dock when you have a car parked next to it, and I did not back in yesterday. We literaly had to put the truck and car side by side to show him even if I had backed in, the damage did not line up to my rubrail.

    I had a sup with me and we were delivering the air, and I had a wet box marked " live fish". She gets them all the time.

    I met her at the door, and I have never ever had a cross word with her. Boss was with me. " I said if you like to refuse this you can" . She got real huffy and said those are live fish. I said yes I know, it says live fish all over the box! but it appears some water leaked and they might not be live.......She kept telling me of course I want them they are live fish.

    The next day, my boss said, you got a complaint, I looked and laughed, with utter dismay on my face. You were with me, was I rude? Apparently I was arrogant, hauty, and rude. He said well no, it was something about the look on your face. Judge, jury, nailed. Nope never heard another word.
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    Anybody out there can claim anything they want, and if they take the trouble to call in and complain, the company will usually make you prove you DIDN'T do it. Definitely guilty until proven innocent.
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    I had several rude complaints. The customer never claimed I said anything I shouldn't, just didn't like my attitude, either because I didn't have time to waste talking to them or what I told them wasn't what they wanted to hear.
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    I was accused once of driving up on a sidewalk and breaking the curb in a cul-de-sac. The guy wound up formally suing UPS, so I wound up actually sitting in a courtroom and testifying under oath in front of a judge, with my delivery records in front of me (this was back when we are still on paper 50-liners) which is why I have always been a big fan of being 100% honest 100% of the time when it comes to anything we record in the performance of our duties.
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    I got blamed for hitting a car after I went over a speed bump, and the cart in the back of the truck bounced around. Someone came out of an apartment, and claimed I hit a car. Management and LP went out to investigate, and found no scratches that lined up to PC height, and all dents/scratches had already rusted. All I was told was next time someone claims that, to notify them. I was pretty new at the time, and just blew of the lady, and didn't think about it again until she made the call.