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I have a question, does anyone happen to know the anwser?
I am a full time utility driver with over 20 routes that I know.
On Friday I was told to take on another "blind Route" After being fed up I
told them that I would not do the route unless a supervisor went with me.
The long and short of it was that my center manager said either do the route blind without
a supervisor to ride along or quit.
One shop steward said the cannot force you to do the route and the other said they can?
Who is correct?
This is a hub in the western region


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Why can't a supervisor go out with you? Makes no sense, Isn't that what they're for? What else are they doing that's keeping them occupied

2 hour lunches
doctor appts
dentist appts
barber appts
trips to the bank
appts to show real estate (for those sups with real estate licenses)
various and incendiary other appts.


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The old saying is work now grieve later. How are you in seniority? Were there lower senior drivers that performed a route that you would have rather done? If so file a grievance for seniority and also ask for the difference in the paid day for the other route, that is if he worked more than you. This should fix your problem.


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When I first started driving, I was an Xman and knew 26 routes. I was trained on 2! I always got a mapbook and this line, "Well you've ran splits off that route, it's all in that same area. You know it!" You just run it and when you are 3 hours overallowed, tell them, "I guess I didn't know it as well as you thought I did. Maybe you should have rode with me."

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705 and ol'browneye are correct.Take those routes and do the best you can but,it is not unreasonable at all to ask for a manager to go with you.If they don't want to I have an old saying: I can do any route, anywhere...................with pen in hand all things are possible(meaning if you bring half the route back to the clerk,oh well). Sometimes following management instructions to the t,is the best way to break them of giving such instructions.:wink2: