Blizzard warning issued

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  1. Does anyone know what UPS's policy is reguarding driving in a blizzard? I'm guessing its a case by case determination depending not on safety but the need of the company on that specific day.
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    we drive in blizzard conditions frequently. be a good scout and "Be Prepared"

    cell phone, CB, water, food, blanket, flashlight, gloves , maps. etc etc etc. if your road gets shut down the HP or road crews will give you alternate routes. be sure to call Hub and keep them updated.

    i love blizzard conditions. breaks the monotony.
  3. over9five

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    I'll take the monotony over driving in a blizzard.
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    Only one time has our center been shutdown for weather since I've been there 5 years and guess who they forgot to call? I showed up, door was locked, so I went home. I wasn't to depressed about a snow day though.
  5. DS

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    If you feel it's unsafe to shut the truck off due to wipers freezing up,by all means screw telematics and stay safe.
    I've had days where if I shut the truck off the wipers freeze on the ice buildup.
    Keep your center informed.
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    I'll take monotony over crapping myself in sheer terror.
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    They wont shut it down until its too late! safety first....yeah riiiiight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I don't have a problem delivering in heavy snow. The problem I have is the 54 mile ride I have to get home after work trying to avoid all the a-holes that can't drive on a normal day but decide to go out driving in a snow storm.
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    I think other than the highways being shut down we run. Hell sometimes with them shut down. Few years back 23 inches we went to work that day in the heart of it. Delivered 6 stops came back in. Next day after it finished we ran air only. I delivered 4 stops and came back.
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    What exactly is a blizzard?
    I thought this was about the Dairy Queen dessert but it appears not.
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    what's a Dairy Queen??? thought they were all shut down..
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    Not in the South ... in fact, it is a food group.
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    Depends on the region. Where you're at it's two inches of snow (that'll shut down the area, right? Heard Georgians can't handle that much snow!)
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Yep my brother lives in Nashville he says its amazing 2-3 inches will close the whole city down!!!
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    You need to get out more.
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    As long as it is not snowing!
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    There is no policy regarding blizzards. I drove in an awful blizzard last Wednesday. I got stuck behind a line of trucks--on a hill--for three hours. I ended up running out of hours on the return trip and had to shut it down and wait for a ride home. I waited over three hours. By the time I clocked out, I ended being on the clock for 18 and 3/4 hours. One other driver had it worse. He ended up being on the clock for 23 hours.

    That's your blizzard policy.
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    Don't forget the pooping.
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    Dairy Queens in the NW! Anywho, One year we had 16 inches over night (I know that's light for a lot of you guys but we have equipment meant to handle 3-7 inches overnight. Either way, it was declared a state emergency. The mayor and then the Governor came on T.V. and said to stay home unless it's an emergency. Even the police departments weren't going to patrol that day. Yeah...we worked. I think the winner that day was 36 stops. Everyone else spent most of the day shoveling themselves out on flat roads. Amazing. That particular District Manager got "reassigned" after the new year.