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    Gathering in the town square for the lighting of the Christmas tree gives people a chance to come together as a community and celebrate the end of another year. It's a time of nostalgia and a chance for new memories to be born. People are in the holiday spirit, strangers act like friends, and a sense of peace is all around.

    The night is cold, and you have come with a group of friends and acquanitances to watch the lighting of the tree. In the group of people with you, one person is wearing a yellow coat and another person is in blue.

    Who are the people wearing the blue and yellow coats? (Use names of people you actually know.)

    This one is a little more personal, so just think of one person you know for each of the different colored coats, then reply to my thread when you are ready for the key.
  2. moreluck

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    Jean is wearing yellow
    Donna is wearing blue
  3. dilligaf

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    Doug is blue Ginny is yellow
  4. hyena

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    Mia is wearing the blue
    Aaron is wearing the yellow RIP