Bluetooth portable speaker?

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    Thinking about getting braven 650 speaker. Time to upgrade my stereo. Most if my music I stream through google play but as of now my radio has no input. Just curious if anyone uses a bluetooh speaker and how well does it work for you. Just not sure if it will be loud enough, love the fact it has a long battery lifeand is rechargeable.
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    I have a Bluetooth speaker that I stream music from at home and its loud as hell and sounds great. When I listen to music at work its through a Bluetooth earpiece.
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    I bought a G-grip from target with a battery back up from amazon. I can stream with the phone (but I use the Cord so saves on battery) and use the battery to charge my phone then when the batt gets low on the speaker I switch it. So for about 100 bucks I have a back up battery with speaker. Pretty loud, so I watch what I play on my playlist.
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    Cool thanks for the info. Tired of listening through my phone speaker. I like the idea you can charge your phone with it.
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    I just bought a sony amfm radio on amazon for like $29 that has an aux input so you can listen to the radio or plug your mp3 player into it. Its loud enough so i hear it over the engine and wind but not as loud as my mp3 speaker enclosure case that is so loud it gets looks when im driving down the street or at a stop. It fits in the cup holder and 2 aa rechargeable batteries last all day.
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    I went trough this a few weeks ago and I am happy with my setup
    with my iPhone 4 I stream music all day using this Charging Case for iPhone® - Made for iPhone® 4S and iPhone® 4 | Energizer as my battery charger when I drop below 40% and it brings it back up to 100%
    bluetooth headset LG HBS-730 HD Tone+ Wireless Stereo Headset with Noise Reduction so far I got 12 hours out of it and it still had a good charge
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    Sorry but he best battery backups (IMO) are made by Mophie : mophie: iPhone Battery Case, Charger, Extender: 5 4S 4 3GS iPod Touch
  8. I bring one in for my guys to listen to during the shift, Its the Jawbone Big Jambox...thing gets pretty damn loud and sounds really good too (not just noise haha). At home I crank the hell out of it and it lasts at least 12 hours each charge.

    my wife has the smaller one (just Jambox) and that one works very well too, just not as loud and a lot smaller.