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  1. Is bobbysox history?

    phone goes unanswered, written letter returned to sender

    Has the company cornered the sock market?

    Anybody know?
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    Have you ever heard the term 'lurking'?
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    I think it's so hot when I see a nice looking woman in those thigh highs.
  5. So did he/she retire

    or did UPS shut em down

    You could but a dozen pair for 20 bucks, UPS sources want $25 for 6 pair
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    If I remember correctly, they were selling copies of the original "gold stripers" that we were wearing in the mid 90's that are no longer issued. The new socks all have the UPS logo on them, which I am sure is trademarked or copyrighted or whatever, so it would be illegal to sell them. I still have a pair of the "gold stripers" that I wear from time to time.
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    That was standard apparel for me on preload. That and hot pants. I mean work out shorts. :wink2:
  8. Yes, these were the gold stripers, no UPS shield

    I've been buying them for years and learned about them here

    Just wondering if anyone knew what happened

    the source just vanished
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    I am afraid that I may have bought one of the last orders of Bobby Sox a few months back. He told me that he was not going to sell them anymore. I did buy a large supply!