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  1. moreluck

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    While in Hawaii I read Stephen King's new book....Duma Key.

    I was always a huge fan of King, but feel that he strayed from his first dozen books and became even too weird for me and I quit reading his books around the time there was a Western theme....his Tower series, I believe.

    Guess what? He's back !! This newest book was more like his earlier books like "It".

    I really liked this new one.
  2. Jones

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    Strangest book I ever read by King was "The Tommyknockers". I'm still not sure I've got it figured out. I watched "The Shining" the other day for the first time in many years, I'd forgotten how creepy that movie was. I just finished Phillip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy, which I highly recommend. If you were one of the few people who saw The Golden Compass(first book in the trilogy) in theatres, don't be put off. The director/producer/screenwriter etc. did an atrocious job, the book itself is excellent.
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    See, I don't get people that like to be scared. The last time I saw a scary movie (and I REALLY am dating myself here!) is a double feature (Yes, they actually showed two movies at one showing) of Psycho and Straitjacket. Last time I saw or ever will see a scary movie. And scary books just the same. I heard that King was "different" after that car hit him awhile back.
  5. rod

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    Wasn't a 1957 Red Plymouth Fury named Christine was it?
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    After reading a lot of your posts over time, Just gotta tell you I've enjoyed a lot of your responses and you remind me of another driver I know who is retired. With your somewhat offbeat humor (and keeping with the topic) might I recomend a couple of books I have found enjoyable. The first is "Blood Sport" by Robert F. Jones - not to be confused with another book of the same name that deals with football (I think). Hard to find, but I think they have it at Amazon. The second is a little more "off the wall" and is called "Willard and his Bowling Trophy" by Richard Braughtigan (sp). An easy read, if you can find it.

    Anyway, Just thought that by some of your responses, that these would be right up your alley (no pun intended......well maybe it was). See you around the forum........JT
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    Tooner......"It" was the one with that ugly old clown in it, I think.
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    Thanks for the nice comments. I try to go through life keeping my sense of humor although I've been known to piss some people off. Can't please everyone you know. I have to confess though that I am not a reader. When I see a good movie my wife always says " the book was better" so I must be missing out on something but I've never been able to sit still long enough to get my nose in a book. :peaceful:
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    Book (n): A utensil used to pass time while waiting for the computer repairman.
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    Books, adverb?:happy2:, no time to read until I retire, I was never any good in English class either, and still cannot disect a sentence. So if there are any dangling modifiers, I aplologize!!!
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    If you do it right there isn't time to read when you retire either. At least not for the 1st 10 years:happy2:
  12. Jones

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    It's all in what you like to do with your free time, I guess. Some people like to fish, but I can't think of many more enjoyable ways to spend a sunday afternoon than curled up with a good book.

    My retirement plans include lots of reading, though some it will be done in the cabin of whatever cruise ship I happen to be on at the moment :happy2:
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    I happen to enjoy the Dr. Alex Cross movies made from James Patterson stories. I ordered a pile of books from Amazon all by James Patterson.

    I've read only one of them since hubby left UPS in 2000. I probably can't even remember what I do each day, but it's still not done. I don't know where the time goes.

    I really want to read them all. The phone & computer are my major distractions (that's land-phone, not cell phone). My last AT&T phone bill was under $20, so it's not me doing the calling.

    Anyway, I thought that during the Writers Guild strike that I would have time to read more with the crappy re-runs on TV.....not! I read the newspaper everyday, but I don't get to it 'til after supper. I also read the weekly rags (Globe & Enquirer)......because that is where the real truth is (lol).

    Retirement is a funny won't believe it 'til you experience it. Maybe I should write a book about it. Maybe I'll start it today.......:dissapointed:
  14. rod

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    Anybody that has watched Men in Black knows that.:wink2:
  15. dilligaf

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    I love to read and I bet I haven't picked up a book in 2 years. LOL Since I went to FT. Patterson is a great author. I have read quite a few of his. I also enjoy Robert B Parker's Spencer series. TV's Spencer for Hire (long time ago). Murder mysteries are my favorites but I also like just about anything else. Action/Adv, romance/ Sci-Fant/Fic etc.
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    I'm taking an 11 hour bus trip to Kentucky tonight for the weekend. Picked up 2 John Grisham novels for the ride. I pick up alot of books at Goodwill. Buy what looks interesting, read it, and donate it back. I too read all the King books but he tends to be too long- winded getting to the point. BM
  17. moreluck

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    I've read all Grisham's books and like them very much. There is a writer who writes in a very similiar style and same legal/court genre......Brad Meltzer. Give him a try sometime.
  18. moreluck

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    I'm into "classics" right now. No, not because they're free on Kindle! (Well, maybe...)
    I've read "A Tale of Two Cities", "The Three Musketeers", and "Moby Dick" most recently.
    Right now I'm reading "Les Miserables". This is a long one, and so far, aptly named. Everyone in it is miserable, with the possible exception of the Bishop...

    There's a reason all these are classics. Highly recommend them all!
  20. PT Stewie

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    I read every night. Home from Brown @ 9:30 ,dinner and a glass of vino, check in on the BC and a half hour of reading before sleep. Just recieved a Nook for Christmas.It looks like it will be a lot better, my book shelves are quite full . I am currentley reading Bernard Cornwell's "1356" .He has several historical series fiction books that I like. Sharpe's,Saxon Chronicals,Grail Series,Aginccourt etc. Good reads if that is your interest.