Breaking trace for lunch

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  1. TheBlack

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    So our center was instructed to take and record a lunch under the threat of dicipline. And that our lunch hour stated when we broke trace and ended when we got back on trace. I got a warning letter for not following instructions. My question is can you drive the brown truck and be off the clock at the same time? What if you get in a wreak while you are driving to the place to eat or take lunch?
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    Another opportunity to demonstrate the Integrity of non-management employees. Everybody in? Let the show begin!
  3. dilligaf

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  4. TheBlack

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    no everybodys not in. And I agree, its a No. I plan to file a grievance on the fact that you cant be off the clock and drive the truck at the same time. And also on acticle 50 maintance of standards. We have been doing this since I have been a driver and that this was not negotiated on in the contract.
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    My lunch break is strategically planned for a geographical point on the route.
    I pack my lunch for the sake of my wallet and waste line.
    Usually get there between 12:30and 13:30.
    I make the last stop and drive to my lunch spot, which is in trace, sort a couple of shelves and then enter in my lunch right before I lock the DIAD in the back of the package car.
    My lunch doesn't start until I leave the truck.
    They can give me all the warning letters they want, I'll go to the panel.
    They wont, I guarantee it.

    P.S. Don't stray off trace by more than a mile and you'll be fine with my system.
  6. dilligaf

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    It's always been a mile here too, until recently. They are TRYING to crack down on that. Some are complying, some are not. :knockedout::wink2:
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    You are allowed to drive 1 mile off of your route to go to lunch. If you choose to. Your lunch will start when you park. Your lunch will end when your 30 min. or 1 hour is up depending on your contract. You then drive back to where you broke off and go back to work.
  8. TheBlack

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    Here is what magnt. gave us.
    Gulf South District Meal Period
    Guidelines for package Drivers
    1.Full hour meal must be taken. Meal must be recorded in diad properly (time must be current and recorded in diad at start and end of meal/break) Any exceptions must be approved by management.
    2. No package driver will be allowed to take any part of their meal period outside the boundaries of the delivery rt. unless approved.
    3. Package drivers cannot drive more than 1/4 mile from their last stop to meal destination. Exceptions must be approved.
    4. Meal period for package drivers begins upon return to vehicle after completion of stop. If forward progress toward next stop after meal period is being made meal will start at time of arrival to meal destination.
    5.Meal period for package driver ends upon return to vehicle and forward progress is being made towards next stop.
    6. Any exceptions to these guidelines must be brought to managements attention immediately and approved prior to a violation.

    I refused to sign this. And I have limited places to eat and they are back in town.
  9. upsgrunt

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    Wow, a quarter mile isn't much- maybe 2 1/2 blocks in town or the distance between 3 telephone poles in the country.
  10. TheBlack

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    Yep. Although management did say we could drive up to 4 miles as long as we are off the clock on our lunch hour while driving. I guess this would be an approval of running up your miles.
  11. upsgrunt

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    IMO you cannot be both, off the clock, and driving the package car at the same time. That is simply my opinion.
  12. dilligaf

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    I don't abuse breaking trace for lunch. I will try to set it up so I deliver (either before or after) near my lunch stop. If I can't do that then I will do what is necessary.
  13. Nimnim

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    In an ideal world if everyone did that we wouldn't need the company to try and dictate things like this.
  14. dilligaf

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    I agree, for both sides of the coin. Hr and mgt.
  15. TheBlack

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    I agree. But then again Management told everybody that they must follow the guideline so nobody will get fired over something stupid. And yes at my center we have drivers that believe everything management says and are scared to death if they do not do as said. These drivers drive me crazy (yes pun intended).
  16. UPSGUY72

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    I do something similar to this but the time I take my lunch varies depending On what route I'm on and depending on where I can find a safe place to park where I know I'm not going to get hit ( behind a shopping center or business park, etc) I then stop sort the rest of my stops and sit down and eat my lunch and read the paper.
  17. soberups

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    But even if no one abused it, the company would still try to find a way to screw people out of their personal time.

    It is never going to be possible to come up with a consistent, one-size-fits-all rule on this subject. There will always be exceptions or unique circumstances for different routes. What is reasonable to expect for a driver who has an urban route with multiple options for meals and bathroom breaks might not be reasonable for a guy who is out in the country and might need to drive a considerable distance in order to find a suitable place to take a meal break.

    The company has every right to expect the driver to minimize the number of miles driven and to accurately record lunches and breaks.

    The employee has every right to take his/her lunches and breaks at a suitable location, which in my opinion means someplace with a public restroom and heat during the winter. If no heat is available, an employee who eats his/her lunch while sitting in the package car has every right to idle the engine long enough to keep the heater in the car working.

    If the company wants to take a hard line by forbidding any breaking of trace on the clock, then it should be required to rent porta-potties and position them along the route they are expecting the driver to follow.

    If the employee is driving the vehicle, he/she is on the clock for purposes of insurance and liability.
  18. TheBlack

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    Well said Soberups. And their hard line to us was if you want to take your full hour lunch we are pull over to the side of the road and take it rt there. Literally thats what they said, pull over to the side of the road.
  19. brownman15

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    no it is a dot violation. file a grievance for the warning letter and call osha and the dot
  20. TheBlack

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    I believe I will do just that. As I believe my local and management will come to some kind of agreement and then management will continued to push this issue on drivers that dont know anybetter.