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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by UPS is lame, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. UPS is lame

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    Wow, i just ordered an item worth 150$ and paid 85$ for shipping and brokerage fees. What a rip off, I've been using USPS for years and the one time i try UPS i get jacked. Last time i ever deal with UPS again.
  2. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    Good- bye then.
    There are plenty of others out here who will continue to use UPS
  3. disneyworld

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    Shipper should have told you there are brokerage fees.
  4. local804

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    Not a good responce to have to potential customers. Last idiots that had that attitude opened the doors for fed ex home delivery. Remember that one.......
  5. hangin455

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    USPS does not use brokerages and does not get charged by customs for clearing packages to destination country. UPS, FEDEX and any other private carrier does charge for brokerage as it costs them to do so.
    It's just another example of the Postal Service getting favorable treatment and competing unfairly with the private sector. Sorry no one let you know that these charges would be included. I will venture to guess that your package arrived a lot quicker than it did with the USPS though.
  6. ImpactedTSG

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    WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! Next time, get in your car, airplane or boat and take it there yourself.
  7. mgator39

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    Give us your address and then you'll really never get anything. DHL seems to be your best bet. There alot cheaper and you'll get great service!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Dirty Savage

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    Dude, let me just say I sympathise with your beef. I meet dozens of people just like you every single day. Everyone spazzes when they are informed that they owe brokerage fees. I've heard EVERY nasty thing and then some about UPS brokerage and everyone to a T swears they will never use UPS EVER AGAIN!

    Two weeks later I'm back with another package bearing yet more brokerage charges.

    Again, I'm sorry the shipper did not inform you that there would be brokerage fees applied when the package hit customs. Some shippers don't know or don't care or just don't want to tell you about them - would you have bought their product knowing it would've cost you $85 more?

    So, for future reference, if the shipper offers you UPS service don't buy it. Save yourself the aggravation and have the USPS bring it. Maybe you'll get it sometime next month.
  9. DS

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    I agree dirty savage that the fees are unreasonably high,but there is a way around it.Inform your customers when they complain,that if they choose any one of our services EXCEPT STANDARD,UPS pays the brokerage and all they usually have to pay is the GST.3 day select is just a bit more expensive than standard but they pay the fee.I really believe that most Americans that sell things to Canadians don't even realize that brokerage charges are added because they usually just sell in the USA.The GST is only 5% now so you pay about $5 on $100.The big problem is that most people that sell on ebay and such,usually pay the shipping charge,and all they ever use is ups standard.
    ups is lame...give us another try,but next time inform the shipper to use either 3 day select,expedited,ups saver,or express.If you still hate us after that, then tell them to send it usps