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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Ibt804Hammer, Dec 30, 2007.

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    Just out of curiosity, I am wondering if this website is run by UPS management. I noticed that the majority of the moderators are ex management and or so pro UPS it just makes me wonder. Just out of curiosity.
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    Notice: Upper left hand corner "not sponsored or endorsed by UPS"
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    Ditto, I first came on here to get information from the well honed upsers, and at the beginning when I came on it was much smaller than now.
    I would not say I am pro UPS although I love the money, and the chance to work basically alone, meet people and get exercise. I know UPS is a great company, and feel lucky to have gotten on as a driver, especially since women are still in the minority here. But it wasn't given to me, I paid my dues to get here. And you will not find one person I work with that will tell you I get breaks as a minority, nor do I want them. The people who may say I dont do my job are only the ones who use those so well loved ORs to judge by, That is what I hate at UPS currently. I also hate the hours, not the number of them, but the fact that we start so late, there is no day left, when you work 10 or 11. And that no one is concerned with the customer side, only the numbers.
    I have gotten info on filing grievances, how to get FMLA, and what to do when I just plain felt I was being abused. And I got info from drivers, loaders, stewards, and management people who were fair and concise to both sides. I also got support from every one when I had serious health issues going on in my life, support I could not get from my "home" since I wasnt there.
    With our staggered start times, we dont get a chance to bond the way we used to, so this is where I bond. I have always felt I could rant and rave with no repercussion as the truth stands tall. To me it isnt a place so much to talk about UPS, as it is a place to talk to other upser's, who we all know are some of the best people we will ever meet, or chat with.
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    Very well said Tooner. I must say I mirror your thoughts.
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    Management would actually have to CARE what we think in order to run such a site.

    Point proven.
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    someone who has dissent in the new policies created by the inexperienced

    I like how cachsux put it plain and simple!
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    Scratch and 804hammer:
    The posters are not anti-UPS. These guys care very deeply. Their hearts are only broken from caring so much. So many of these people have literally put their blood, sweat and tears into this company- and they are proud of what they do. Most just wish that the obstacles were removed from their daily work so that these individuals could work smoother.
    Now, I AM a supervisor. It is a good bet that I will never get to fulltime, but I tell you this: My first requirement of my subordinates -IF I was ever to be a fulltime supe- my first requirement would be for my parttime supes to visit this site weekly. We cannot change all the things you folks kvetch about, but we need to hear this. badly
  10. This is a very respectable post. WTG Magoo57.
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    Atleast someone is not talking hogwash. Is it because people choose family instead of working till 9pm, does that make them anti UPS scratch? Watching the same people get constantly harassed because they dont have the speed of the rookies and they can actually stand up for themselves, does that make them anti UPS.
    Scratch, Instead of quitting from UPS when people dislike it, why dont we try to make it better? I dont like seeing guys harrased by management or the select few getting thier stop counts less than 8 hours everyday, and if you were here, I am sure you would not either. You cant please all the people all of the time but quitting is not for me or the way I was brought up. Quitting is for losers. Remember, a very long time ago when we joined UPS, it was a great job and a very well paying one also. Add 75 lbs to the package limit, pas, center team that never delivered and a CEO who tanked the last company he ran for and you have a total different company that when we started. Not everyone loves UPS the way you do including management and that does not make it a bad thing. Let HR do thier job and maybe if they took to heart what the ERI says, things can change. A $8.50 pas problem becomes a $40.00 driver problem at the end of the day, and thats not good for business or the driver that dont want the overtime.
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    A few of you seem to be taking my "anti-UPS" comment entirely out of context. Tie used it originally in what I thought was a reference to the recent contract discussions in the Labor Forum, and I was trying to politely disagree with him stating that this was an "anti-UPS" website. I think that a majority of people here do like their jobs, we just don't like certain things about it that need to be improved.

    My comment about "if you don't like your job, then find another" has been posted quite a few times by a lot of members here. I don't always articulate myself as well as I should, but that was a personal opinion. If working for this company makes you miserable all the time, then maybe this isn't the place for you. My perspective comes from watching some of my fellow co-workers. A few of them will come in and pitch temper tantrums everyday, and I am referring to drivers who have been here 15-20 years. Seems like they would be used to the way things go by now. I have never tried to paint UPS as the perfect employer in any way. Back in 1975, it was a great paying PT job. The Center Managers were allowed to manage, and there was a lot more team spirit as employees watched out for each other. The worst thing this company ever did was to go public and the worst thing the IBT has done was the 1982 contract when the PTers were screwed over.

    A lot of you probably think that I am pro-UPS about everything. I am not, its just that I am optimistic as a person. I have seen a lot of bad things in my life and I try not to dwell on them. I have a lot more things to be thankful for, I try to consider myself blessed instead of cursed. I try to hope that problems can be solved, people are good for the most part, and that life in general is great. Thats just my attitude, and thats the way the people that know me see me. After all, isn't hope that our situations will get better is what gets us through the day?
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    Would I be "anti-UPS" if I said this company has changed for the worse? Even if it seems to be fact from what I actually see happening and from what I hear??
  14. tieguy

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    my point was made more to counter hogs original point that he thought this site was overwhelmingly management or pro company. I pointed out that I could make the argument that this site was anti ups without actually making that argument. :happy-very:

    in any case this site is far from being a management run site.
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    But, do you think they are keeping an eye on us and our posts??
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    Ah Cach,
    I don't think its the fake boobs that he gets tired of:happy2:. I'm sure its more like he's tired of taking 500 pictures of them and then looking at each one to find the best 5 or 6!
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    Wasnt taking a step at you directly Scratch, just the statement itself, sorry for any confusion. You seem like a very nice person by your post and comments and you shouldnt have to be on the defensive. Everywhere is different at UPS as we can see and I am sure, actually I am 100% sure more :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: happens in the NY area thatn in your neck of the woods.(Canada I suppose) When guys question someone in management during a pcm, then the driver is followed by a center manager,Dm and is given a warning letter for not grabbing the handrail it sort of raises questions. When that same driver is pulled in the office the following day because his service cross is not legible, it raises other questions also. Is this guy the only one whos service cross is not legible? absolutley not! I can go on and on about this type of selective discipline but I wont waste any more of our time. Not everyone has the same view at UPS because alot of us dont see the BS some driver have to deal with.
    1. 1 center manager 2 sups and a DM were all fired in my district this year.
    2. Playboy photographer will Never Ever get tired of his job.
    3. ERI in my center was tanked and at an all time low in driver participation.
    4. Contract passes in 96% of the county and fails at a 2 to 1 vote in our district (96 is a guess)

    Something isnt right around here, just be glad your not in it.
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    I'm sure he'd like to do something else with those boobs besides taking pictures of them, but then Hugh would slap him upside his head. Hey, has Hugh ever been accused of being a womanizer??
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    Hef doesn't need to be accused as a's in his self-description.

    I just did a rather quick search and really didn't find much about lawsuits against Hefner.

    Jessica Alba recently threatened to sue because the cover showed her in a bikini, but kind of insinuated there were nude photos inside.

    Hef hasn't been a bad boy, just a player.......and it all started with a rejection from his teenage dating days. At that time he re-invented himself and the rest is history.
  20. under the radar

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    Actually, I think this site is a fair representation of the centers I've worked in for the past 31 years as a driver.

    It has a healthy balance of those who are being abused by management, those who are abusing management; those who have good management, and those who don't; those with UPS experience and those without; those who want to make things better and those who are happy in their misery. It really is a microcosm of human nature and that's why I like it here.

    At this point in my life, I get a kick out of helping those who are walking the trail that I, and many others, have blazed. This site gives me that opportunity and I'm thankful for it!

    Happy New Year All!!