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    Brown Goes Green - CNN Money

    It will be a green holiday this season for United Parcel Service, who rolled out a small parcel delivery service this week in Northern California using 42 electric cars and trucks from ZAP.

    The UPS branch in Petaluma, California has leased an initial fleet of 42 ZAP Xebra® electric city cars and trucks for their small parcel deliveries. This is the first time that UPS has used electric city-speed vehicles for this purpose.
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    Before you can discuss this, you must put it into proper context. This is not a business or operations decision. In fact its more so a marketing strategy. Too many people actually believe that humans are going to cause the seas to rise because they drive an SUV that burns gasoline. They know that they may gain market share by appealing to not very bright people who believe in man made global warming becasue of Al Gore's slideshow. Which is fine I guess UPS can deliver packages in whatever they want I suppose.

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    I wish I could work out of one of these. They don't look like they will hold many stops, though. Darn. And it must be bad if it rains. I guess you could put everything in DR bags before you left the building.:smart:
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    These will probably be the pkg. cars that supervisors use to bring out your misloads.
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    I'll take that 1000 in the background any day over that thing, it's embarassing.
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    Very good point......
    That thing cant even fit 1 pottery barn shelf in it though
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    Color's all wrong. The last slide should have been removed: proof that the second seat in them shouldn't be there.

    I think the concept needs development and that it could be useful. but I don't think Petaluma is the area where it would shine. I'll admit is been... many years since I've lived there, but the city isn't all that dense. Where would the advantage of smaller cars come into play? (at least enough to make up for the cost of all the time to shuttle packages and for the staffing?) Wouldn't the City have been a better place?
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    We know what you don't believe now but, please, tell us what you do believe regarding the change in the earth's ecosystem and why Al Gore isn't accurate in his "slideshow".
    There may be some "....not very bright..." people on this forum that want to know your "truth".
    Please enlighten us.
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    Personally, i think this would make good business sense. Have a driver pull one of those trailers to a heavy delivery area. Give a driver helper the keys to the zap and the trailer and let them work from the trailer for the rest of the day. BTW, when was the last time you had to fill up your car with gas? its getting kinda expensive isn't it? in fact Fedex (ours too) stock went down today because of the cost of gas.

    I know the topic of global warming is like religion and politics. there are people who feel strongly about their side and every who believes differently is "not very bright". I strongly believe that we have changed the environment. I do not know if this will lead to global warming on the scale that has been stated by Al Gore, but i do think it would be wise to limit our pollution.
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    I can see local temperatures can vary due to concrete, asphalt, and the such...However...Who caused the earth's temps to increase and decrease before humans inhabited the earth? Oh yah, dinosaur farts did.

    Personally, if I were a thief, I would follow these vehicles and go Christmas shopping.

    Didn't UPS use electric vehicles in the early days of our existence? We were "green" before "green" was the fad, or fashion of the times.

    How much do you want to bet that "Zap" uses FedEx instead of UPS for their shipping needs.
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    Global warming models do not take into account precipitation which acts as an air conditioner. Even if one were to attempt to account for this it would never be accurate as no one could record all the precipitation that falls over every square mile of Earth every day.

    The planet has experienced dramatic tempereature changes hot and cold throughout its history long before there were any burning of fossil fuels.

    Do you know why Greenland is called Greenland. Its because when it was discovered it was all green. Today, it is an icy, snowy, glacier. Glaciers have formed melted and formed again long before fossil fuels.

    No one can tell me what the weather will be like 20 days from now let alone 20 years from now.

    1 volcano eruption pruduces more greenhouse gas and effects than all fuel burned in every gas engine ever built combined. How many volcanos have erupted in say the last 100 years?

    Humans account for a whopping %4 of all greenhouse gases. Things that produce more greenhouse gas than humans are cows farting and the ocean.

    The same people that won the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore admit that alot of what he claims is false.

    UK environmental minister testified in court that 9 specific assertions made by Al Gore in his slideshow were either half true, inaccurate, or downright false.

    Alot of the data that goes into models is based on the last 100 years. In the grand scheme of things describing the last 100 years compared to the Earths life as a snapshot would be overkill.

    Some places where temperatures are taken are inaccurate as alot of times they sit right next to a heat source of some kind. (Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport moved their thermometer a few years ago as they found the heat from jet planes affected the temperature read out).

    Mars is experiencing warming as well. (I don't think their are fossil fuels being used on Mars.

    Higher temperatures correlate with increased activity on the Sun.

    The temperature increase everyone likes to freak out about is only .5 - 1 degree over the past 100 years.

    Entire ecosystems have changed over the years. Today where there are deserts there were once lush forests.

    Who says warming is bad anyways? The history of humans shows man thrives in warmer climates.

    If Al Gore really believed what he says, he would be the first to abandon private planes and his large houses and demand others do the same.

    There is barely any evidence that the Earth is warming. (.5 - 1 degree over the past 100 years) This hardly shows any abnormal warming. There is no evidence that humans are causing any warming. (%4)

    It is more likely that if there is warming its caused by increased solar activity. Humans can't control the Sun.

    In the 70s alarmists claimed with the same veosity and confidence that the next ice age was coming.

    Is this enough for you? I have more if you need it.