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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by mattwtrs, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. mattwtrs

    mattwtrs Retired Senior Member

    DJ will start 15th on Saturday night. I think the odds are 20 to 1 that he might win. Will he let it all hang out and go for the win or quietly fade to the back?
  2. rwsmith67

    rwsmith67 New Member

    mattwtrs, He will go to the back like he has been doing for years, he's got millions of dollars of his own and only a few more races, he's not going to risk it, UPS should have dumped him years ago and invested in a much younger driver, if a UPS driver performed like him they wouldn't be around long!!:wink2:
  3. 88727

    88727 Guest

    UPS drivers DO perform like him. And they won't be around long. I agree with that statement.
  4. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    I think we will see a decent run out of him. I'm not a DJ fan but I think we could see a top 10.
  5. trplnkl

    trplnkl 555

    ooooh, y'all are talking about Dale Jarrod. Right?
  6. old brown shoe

    old brown shoe 30 year driver

    I'm just glad that NASCAR is back. It has been a long winter and this is the first sign that spring is almost here. I would hope DJ would go for the win since he is only running the first few races of the year. Better to go out on top than just fading away.
  7. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    So is anybody watching this or am I alone here?
  8. wolfman

    wolfman New Member

    does jarrett still race? lol i only see him in those napa commercials.
  9. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    He was back in the back all night.

    Damn Junior won the race!
  10. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    I was watching, and I was actually crying when he won.
    After losing his Dad at that track, and then losing DEI to keep his sanity, how wonderful to tell Teresa to kiss his derier. In front of millions. IMHO he was sabotaged all year is 2007. And while he did win with a little help from his friends, he was out front constantly, and I feel the other drivers felt the same as I did, and wanted him to win.
    He blew more engines than the worst team out there, I dont think it was anything to do with his ability, I think he had a wicked stepmother who wanted him to fail, and if he hadnt made the painful decision to leave, he would never have had a chance to shine.

    FAVREFAN Member

    Just curious. Will you guys continue to follow/support the sport with the growth of Toyota and the ever more foreign drivers? If lets say, Honda does enter in a few years, and Honda and Toyota were to dominate the series.......will you support it? Just curious.
  12. old brown shoe

    old brown shoe 30 year driver

    I will still watch,it"s just as much fun watching a Toyota crash as a ford or a Chevy. Competition is good so it will make everyone try harder to to stay on top.
  13. helenofcalifornia

    helenofcalifornia Well-Known Member

    It was a looonnnggg 11-12 weeks without NASCAR. I am glad Jr. won. I hope he has a great season. I agree with Tooner that that boy had to have been sabotaged by DEI with all those engine failures.
  14. brownmonster

    brownmonster Man of Great Wisdom

    Goes to show it's all about equipment. They all can drive fast.
  15. 1080Driver

    1080Driver Active Member

    I would've LOVED to see Jr get out of the car for the interview & say "Teresa, this ones for you!!" & flip her the bird.
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    3 days until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training. That is the true sign that spring is just around the corner.

    Although I could truly care less about NASCAR, it was good to see Junior win and, I agree, he should have showed Teresa how he really feels. DJ needs to go out in style and make his way over to ESPN.
  17. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    I don't think Jr. was setup to lose but you are not alone in your thoughts. I listen to NASCAR 128 on Sirius all day every day in my UPS truck and half the Jr. callers are on the same page as you are. I would say that I noticed an intreresting spike in Truex's performance after it was announced that Jr. ws going to Hendrick.
  18. diesel96

    diesel96 New Member

    Need some recomendations from the real hardcore nascar fans. We (8 of us) are starting our annual fantasy pool. $250 a person for the first 26 races...we all draft 5 drivers each (tally four drivers scores each week and one driver stays in the garage) . Our drafting order is 1 thru 8 on the first round then 8 thru 1 on the 2nd round and so on... Now we all know pretty much the top 8 drivers out there, what I'd like to know are some recomendationations for 2nd,3rd 4th,5th round draft picks because I haven't kept up with the insights of this seasons potential up and coming teams and rookies. Any tidbits apprieciated. THX
  19. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    That was what I was hoping for, but he has too much class these days. I think joining Hendricks, has brought a certain amount of maturity to him.
    And yes it is all in the EQUIPMENT!!
  20. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    After the top 15 drivers it's pretty much up in the air. I personally like Casey Mears as a darkhorse this year. With Jr. joinging the Hendrick camp he is going to fly under the media radar. According to his interview last week he prefers it that way. Juan Pablo should also have a better year than his rookie campaign though he did finish 20th in points last year. Newman, Harvick and Edwards should also be hot.

    As far as your rookies for this year right now your safest bet is Sam Hornish Jr. since he is the only rookie locked in the top 35 and will be the only rookie to be gauranteed to start the first 5 races.

    *Note: these are my thoughts, along with some help from NASCAR radio and I can not be blamed for your bad season if you were to have one.