Buddy retired 5 years after his retirement date.

I just think of all the fun I’ve had during the last 18 years of being retired and laugh at those who continue to work after they have their 30 in. If they need to that is one thing but those who continue to work when they don’t have to are nuts.
Unfortunately the condition of the pension plans have forced many to stay longer


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Left over a quarter million of pension payments on the table. just don't get it . so he'll get maybe 500-600 more a month in his pension.it will take 40 years to break even.

he could have retired 5 years ago , collect 50k a year on his pension and worked another job or started a sideline business if they needed the money.

worked for half wages as I see it.
You make a good point. Anyone make a go as a real estate agent after retirement?