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    I was scheduled early today for compliance training and when I came in I saw two drivers, who we call "dumb and dumber", standing at the orion computers and writing on their info notices. I assumed they were making notes..off the clock.. As I walked by I saw them actually filling out notices. I asked them what they were doing... one guy held up his pad, flipping through it, and said we're filling out all the info notices we might need for the day!

    These guys continue to amaze me.. the one guy was out for a while last year, after fracturing his leg, doing runner gunner things. He was running back to his PC after a delivery and tried to hop onto the PC stairs, but had slipped and his leg plowed into the bottom step...

    These are also the guys who come in early and sort their whole truck off the clock. They burn routes out by 4pm everyday and complain that they are sent to help
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    Take all their DR bags
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    One day my route was cut and management thought I'd want the day off. Instead, I bumped one of these guys a few minutes before pcm. The guy flipped out because he had already spent his time fine sorting the truck
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    I hate when people bump at the last minute......except when it’s done to one of those guys. LOL Their reactions are priceless.

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    I loved ruining lives when I was a split. Nothing like walking into a PC with HIN’s marked on all the packages.