Buying a Fedex Ground Route

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    Even in a well maintained vehicle, drivers are not being fairly compensated for risking their lives every day with what ISPs can afford to pay. Fedex should be paying for several million $$$$ life and injury insurance policies on any driver delivering a package they want delivered.
  2. OrioN

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    Did u see the velocity? ?? Talk about chassis too light for a box body... ford transit cargovan.


    Hope they beefed up everything!
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    Does anybody know the name of the kid who owned the skate board Ford stole and stuck that cargo body on it? On where I live a unit such as that wouldn't last a year.
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    The yellow hand rail makes it tough....
  5. SecondTier Driver

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    They already pretty much make these. They are just with an e-350 chassis or a sprinter with a box on it. I will admit the tires look pretty tiny though.

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    As far as I can tell they only make them as large as 700's where the cutaways go up to 1000's. I had a gmc 1000 cutaway. Was nice to deliver in, better if you were under 6' tall
  7. OrioN

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    GT, i already knew that this company, utilimaster, made some with both cutaways and stepvan bodies... but that thing on a "transit" chassis will probably break down even faster than the light truck chassis of the e350~ e450

    Those handrails are pretty much standard now with this company... but that door handle extension on the passenger side (see youtube) looks like stuff can get snagged on it