Bye Bye Darrell Issa

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    In four years at the helm of the House of Representative’s primary investigative body, Darrell Issa launched major investigations into the 2012 attack in Benghazi, the IRS’s alleged targeting of conservative organizations, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms’ failed “Fast and Furious” operation, the bankruptcy of solar panel manufacturer Solyndra, and the launch of In pursuit of these scandals he was granted a budget of $25,678,100.

    This figure does not account for the $14 million spent by the IRS answering voluminous and often duplicative subpoenas, the “millions” spent by the Department of Defense responding to inquiries about the attack in Benghazi, the budget of the Oversight Committee’s minority staff, nor the massive expenditure of resources by the dozens of other federal agencies that have come under the scrutiny of the Oversight Committee. By its conclusion Darrell Issa’s chairmanship could cost the U.S. Treasury well into the nine figures. From that astounding allocation of resources, Issa has unveiled no major corruption or gotten to the bottom of no significant scandal.
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    As I posted on this board months ago. These "hearings to nowhere" would cost the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars and result in ZERO findings of abuse by the Obama Administration.

    Political circus acts designed to "lie" to the american public and keep those inclined to hate the black president in check.

    It worked well as we can see from the posters on this board.

    Not a single "investigation" amounted to anything by this congress.

    Nothing more than political witch hunts with no witches being found.

    Darryl Issa should have to pay the american taxpayer back for his ridiculous hearings.

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    Glad to see that you are using neutral/unbiased website. Lol.

    I'll be sure not to read that
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