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    No. He cheated on his wife.
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    Wacking the WAC's!
  4. moreluck

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    Cheated on the wife/
    screwed around

    Same thing!

    Update: This thing stinks to high hell.
    Will Congressional Republicans subpoena him to force him to testify?
  5. The Other Side

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    There goes your dream ticket for 2016..,.

    Patraeus / Rubio

    WAH wah whaaaaaa


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    I never saw patraeus as a political figure. I do find it a bit fishy that he resigns right before spilling the beans on Benghazi.
  7. BrownArmy

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    I never saw Patraeus as a political figure either, but in terms of Benghazi, his resignation will have no bearing on whether/when he would be called on to testify about whatever.

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
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    What are the chances the investigation will lead to the Messiah being charged with treason and removed from office and maybe even imprisoned at Fort Leavenworth?
  9. toonertoo

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    Not as good as they should be. I heard he will not be available to testify.....................Any private person can be put under oath to testify. Why will he not be available if the president orders it............
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    With all the financial problems at home , was is bhos going to Asia next week ?
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    Hate to talk conspiracy theory-- but consider:

    1. His affair was well over a year ago in AFganistan
    2.Why was the FBI investigating the head of CIA ?

    3. How long ago did they know?
    4. WHy now five days before his testimony on Bengazi?

    If he resigns and goes away quietly he will maintain his rank and
    pension. If he testifies he will be court martialed under military ethics code for having an affair on active duty.

  12. The Other Side

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    Ummm. Ill go with ZERO chances of that happening. First thing you have to do is look up what treason is. I dont believe you understand the term.


  13. The Other Side

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    Island, first of all, the FBI was investigating something completely different and it had to do with extortion or blackmail of the CIA chief. Along the way, they interviewed a woman who was doing his autobiography. From there, it was discovered he had the affair.

    He can still testify, and he can still face charges from the military and face a demotion of rank. He does not need to testify for that to happen.


  14. brett636

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    I also don't believe his current employment status should dictate whether he testifies on benghazi or not. He probably has a good idea of what went down there and the American people deserve to know it as well as the victim's families. Its just funny how he resigns a week before he was supposed to testify and now magically he won't be testifying. Its time to subpoena him if necessary to get the real truth out there.
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    He wants fresh sushi ?
    Mooch wants jade,sapphire or pearl jewelry?
    They want teak for their furniture in Hawaii.
    Or....just opium........Burma is the 2nd largest producer of opium.

    Somebody has to go.......
  16. Nimnim

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    I know the official story is the FBI was looking into his biographer and stumbled upon it, but personally I would not be surprised if the FBI knew about it long ago. Hoover knew what he was doing getting all the dirt he could on everyone, I'm sure people down the line in the FBI have learned it works well. The question would then be, who has what to gain if this is being used to cover something and the official story is out there not to arouse suspicions.

    Edit: I'm not trying to be conspiratorial, but we are talking about intelligence agencies. They do a lot of stuff we don't know about.
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  18. Brownslave688

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    No my dream is christe.
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    Afghanistan is the largest producer of OPIUM, BUSH and CHENEY went there to start wars and visit the troops, does your logic suggest both of them needed heroin??


  20. The Other Side

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    May I suggest you do two things... First, grab a shovel and head to Jersey, give him a hand in the cleanup, because if he screws that up, he will be doomed in 2016. Second, make a few phone calls, start with LIMBAUGH and tell him to STFU about Christie before he destroys him, then move on the SEAN HANNITY and say the same, then to all the bench players, orielly, ingraham, medved, elder, stein and such...

    For Christie to have a chance, the idealogs have to STFU about him.