Been receiving emails from the IBT for about 2 years now, and though I am pretty sure most of you get them as well, thought I'd share this one.

Seems like it would be good for a small business owner like myself that I currently am, but would reduce jobs.


Tell the House: No on CAFTA

On June 30, the Senate voted to approve the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), sending the legislation to the House of Representatives. According to the rules of Fast Track trade negotiating authority, the House has only 30 legislative days to consider the proposal and will most likely act even sooner. CAFTA, the Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement, is another job-killing trade deal patterned after its "twin brother," NAFTA.

Teamsters General President James Hoffa said, "A majority in the U.S. Senate failed workers in the United States and Central America by passing the Central American Free Trade Agreement. By any measure, this vote of 54 to 45 represents a giant step in the wrong direction."

"However," General President Hoffa continued, "I am encouraged by the number of traditionally 'free trade' Senators who decided to oppose CAFTA, revealing the profound flaws of this agreement and signaling a broader movement in Congress away from the job-killing trade policies of the past. I urge members of the U.S. House of Representatives to stand with these Senators to protect U.S. jobs and move our trade policies in a more rational direction."

Like NAFTA, CAFTA would hurt workers in the United States and fail to lift our Central American and Dominican brothers and sisters out of poverty. Please tell your Representative to stop CAFTA.


These agreements are such b.s. There is no such thing as "Free Trade". Just look at the trade imbalance with our new "friend" China.

I lived in the Dominican Republic for a short time, and visit once in a while. I know that the only Dominicans who will benefit from such agreements are those in the corrupt government there, and their close associates. Many in that country who are poor will not benefit at all. Those in our government who oppose my view, have not lived there and dealt with the people there.

I live in an agricultural state and the sugar farmers are scared to death of CAFTA. I am pro-USA farmer and it will be a shame if CAFTA gets passed. We have lost too much to NAFTA, and CAFTA will be another loss.

My problem with the union is where were they when NAFTA was passed. I hope these guys see what is really going on.

One other item then I'll get off my soap box...
I hope congress will block the UNOCAL-China deal. It will be another death knell if it is approved. The Republicrats and Demicans may say, "It's a free market deal" and other crap.

I am Independent in my political views. Both parties have lost common sense.


"Both parties have lost common sense".
I couldn't agree more.
America is too busy worrying about everyone else to take time to worry about Americans.
NAFTA has brought an influx of our "south of the border" (rio grande river) compadres willing to provide cheap labor.
The war in Iraq is turning into another Vietnam and sapping our resources.
We need to stop worrying about the enemy without and focus on the enemy within.
I hate to say it but it won't be next week or next year but America is slowly crumbling.


"my problem with the union . . ."

Rush, sounds like you weren't paying attention when NAFTA was passed because the union was totally against that and speaking out to it's membership, congress and the president then as well.

"The 1993 battle over NAFTA was labor's fiercest fight in years. Working in coalition with environmentalists and others, unions actually tried to reach their members and workers at large."

Unfortunately, with probably the same ineffectual results as the membership sheeps, err sleeps on.