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  1. klolx

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    Today at work, I asked my sup if I could go home early because I wasn't feeling well and kept coughing. He said no since nobody can cover me which I totally understood. I am still not feeling well and planning to call in sick tomorrow at 2am (start time at 4) I only have my full time sups number. Who should I call and what time?

    This is going to be my first time calling in and this is what I'm going to say "Hey ____ this is ____ I'm not feeling well and won't be coming in today" if they ask me why I'm gonna say "I'm not feeling well"...

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    You don't have the building number?
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    Per the other call out thread, don't answer when they ask why you won't come in, that's none of their business.

    "Hi, this is ___ I won't be coming in today, see you tomorrow"
  4. klolx

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    Just found the building number! its the PDS office right? Also, I have a military training for straight 5 days on the 2nd week of May. Will that affect my UPS job?
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    Buddy,try asking at work.We have opinions,they have answers.
  6. badpal.

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    Call whatever number they gave you for call-ins at least one hour prior to start time. You'll most likely need to contact your FT Sup.
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    I am at a loss for words on the Military training question.
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    If you are in the Military you have orders to report for duty. show your HR person those orders and have them inform your supervisors.
    i should NOT affect your wont get paid for the week but you will have your job when you return.also contact your local just so they know.
    someplace in most buildings they have signs up about minimum wage and other federal and state info,there should also be something about military service
    with this info.
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    "This is so-and-so, I will not be at work tomorrow" Nothing more to be said. It is courtesy to give your management team at least 1 hr. notice and that is all.

    By the way, you may not want to come back to work, until you are healthy. If you call in one day, work the next, call in the are "charged" twice with absenteeism.
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    Thanks guys, its all good now! I called at 2am and my full time sup answered the office phone and this is what happened.

    "Hello this is ____"

    Me: Hi this is ____ I wo-

    him: Oh hey man

    Me: I wont be coming in today

    him: Oh DAAAAAAMMMMMNNNN whats wrong?

    me: Im not feeling well

    him: Alright get some rest and just come back tomorrow.

    me: alright thanks

    I'm surprised he was nice about it lol
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    The staffing at UPS is spotty at best. If you don't make a habit of it there should be zero issues. If you do it and receive unwarranted backlash you were probably on their radar for something already and they have you highlighted for playtime. The job is taxing. Sometimes you need to stay out to recoup mentally and physically.
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    you military training will not effect you UPS employment, but tell them the first chance you get.... to give them a heads up.. You might want to talk to your HR rep also ans see if you need to fill out any paper work...

    As for calling in you need to call the building not someones cell phone and call from your cell phone so you have a record that you called. Also make sure you call in at least one hour before your shift starts and remember you have to book back on at least one hour before your shift starts on the day you are returning to work.
  13. Covemastah

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    Expect a young sup to give you a physical when you return,,they are known to be expert Dr.s you know !!
  14. klolx

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  15. Indecisi0n

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    When I returned from work my sup insisted on a prostate exam upon my return to work. Good news, no cancer!
  16. NI3

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    My FT supe's been nice to me. The PT on the other hand...
  17. badpal.

    badpal. avoiding brown kool-aid

    That's why I don't take any of the PT Sups seriously. Most of ours don't even have 2 years in much less a clue.
  18. NI3

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    Why do PT supervisors push us harder than FT supes? I feel like we're rental cars pushed to the limit...

    I haven't had anyone push my physical limit like this since being a student athlete in HS.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I think it was Jeff Foxworthy that compared rental cars and prostitutes....

    There is nothing wrong with hard work. There is something wrong with being verbally abused while performing said hard work. As sleeve said in another thread, leave us alone and let us do our job and you would be surprised at the level of production you will receive in return.