calling off during probationary period

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  1. TheKid99

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    I have the the pink eye

    I worked yesterday and was sent home early because he said it may be contagious.

    I called off today because I still have it. I'm planning on going to the clinic tomorrow if I still have the symptoms.

    You think ill be ok? I never called in when I was a seasonal ph and I was always on time

    I have like 10 working days before I make book
  2. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    Get a note.
  3. Mugarolla

    Mugarolla Light 'em up!

    Keep your boss informed as to what the doctor says. As long as you are doing a good job, showing up most days except for this instance, you should be fine.
  4. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    You're a preloader....chances can work with pinkeye. I have....I told my center manager and all she asked was can I work safely? Bring a box of tissues with you so you wipe your eye without using your filthy hands....which is probably how I got pinkeye in the first place. Finish your shift and then go to the doctor. Or if you're show up and they tell you to go home...then it won't count against you.
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  5. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    And, if he's really contagious, he could shut down the whole shift!:)
  6. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    Riiiight.....wanna buy a bridge? ;)
  7. Mugarolla

    Mugarolla Light 'em up!

    Directly from WebMD.

    Pinkeye (also called conjunctivitis) is redness and swelling of the conjunctiva, the mucous membrane that lines the eyelid and eye surface. The lining of the eye is usually clear. If irritation or infection occurs, the lining becomes red and swollen

    Viral and bacterial pinkeye are contagious and spread very easily. Since most pinkeye is caused by viruses for which there is usually no medical treatment, preventing its spread is important.

    Spread it to the whole sort. You may have worked with it, but it will give half of them an excuse to call in for a couple of days. People who go to work with a contagious condition or disease are selfish and only care about themselves.

    If you have a contagious condition or disease, STAY HOME, I do not want it.
  8. AndUPSER

    AndUPSER Active Member

    We had a guy who called off 10 times during his probation period. YES, TEN! I guessed it helped that his uncle was high up in the company.
  9. UpsAngel

    UpsAngel Member

    Shoot there was a guy who missed for a week his first month when he finally came back he told me they were basically begging for him to come back.
  10. MethodsMan

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  11. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    The common cold is highly contagious....should i call in when I have one of those too? I didn't hide it...I informed my center manager about it and that I had been to see a dr for it...who also said I could work. center manager still allowed me to work. I very rarely use a sick day for actual illness...sick days are for when I'm tired or don't feel like going in....MY days, my choice.

    And it was a few years ago, but I don't recall a outbreak of pinkeye in the.building. because I went to work that week.
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  12. Mugarolla

    Mugarolla Light 'em up!

    The common cold is a little different than other things like Pertussis (Whooping Cough), Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) and others. Most people will get the common cold. I do not have a problem with people coming to work with a cold. But when you are talking about other illnesses that most people do not get, yes I have an issue with that. I have had plenty of colds. I have never had Pertussis or Conjunctivitis or any other highly contagious disease. Most people have not had these. The risk of me getting them is greatly enhanced when an employee comes to work with one of these illnesses when they should be staying home to keep it from spreading.

    I don't care if your center manager said you could work or not. He probably needed you. Hell, he probably would have let you come in if you had Ebola.

    He probably would have just called in sick.
  13. Monkey Butt

    Monkey Butt Dark Prince of Double Standards Staff Member

    Pertussis is on the rise again, especially amongst the under 30 group, so the preventative shot is encouraged for everyone.
    Got mine earlier this month.
  14. Indecisi0n

    Indecisi0n Well-Known Member

    Rub your eye then the center manager office door knob.
  15. oldngray

    oldngray nowhere special

    Enterovirus D68 is spreading all over the US.
  16. TooTechie

    TooTechie Geek in Brown

    We had a casual like that last year. He would ANC probably twice a week, but they kept working him...and guess what...he's back this year.