Can a "no rehire status" be changed ?

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    I will keep this short as I posted a prior thread related to this topic without asking this question directly. Is a negative rehire status permanent or can it be changed to rehireable by whomever has the power to do so ?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    It can be changed. I believe it is up to HR, it also depends on how serious the infraction, if any was.
  4. City Driver

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    what makes you think they would change it

    are you gonna tell them youll work really hard this time?
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    It all depends on why they put it on in the first place. When you worked for UPS in the past did you calling alot? have some No Call No Shows? Quit without given a notice? Get fired? Get into a fight? Get caught stealing? Get written up alot?

    I would say that if any of the above apply got look for another job.
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    There are no reasons for UPS to change your rehire status. They did not want you before, so what has changed to make you think they would want to have you back now?

    You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Sounds like you really screwed your chance.

  7. City Driver

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    i know a guy on 13th street who can change your identity for $100 and a churro

    let me know if u want his number
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    Why don't you call HR and ask them? That would be the most direct way to get a solid answer.
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    It's a lot more to come to an Internet forum and ask a bunch of total strangers.:wink2:
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    I too have a problem with this. And I hate the center where I am no is hiring and cant reapply :[ Damnit Parsippany, NJ hub *thumbs down*
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    There is a reason your are on the No rehire list. You mut have a clue what it is? See my above post maybe that will give you a hint.
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    the other issue is you can pretty much only apply via the computer. As soon as you put your social security number in it matches up with the "no rehire" status and that is the message you receive.

    Even if they could or would change it, you would have to talk with someone in hr directly and they seem to be a little busy at the moment and even if they weren't busy, it is hard to contact them if you can't get past security.
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    I gave two weeks notice, but apparently that didn't work..
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    I've been told / heard that you pretty much end up with a "no rehire" status almost always when you leave. Even if its on good terms. UPS isn't interested in you leaving for a better paying job, then coming back to UPS later. They would end up paying you more money than when you left. (Pretty common in the I.T. job market for that to happen at other companies)

    Of course, I dont know how it works in the operations for union guys. It probably depends on if the manager liked you or not. If the manager hated you anyway, and you left on good terms, I wouldn't be surprised to learn he still put "do not rehire" on your profile before he closed it out. Its not like he was ever going to see you again anyway. At the very worst you tried to come back to his center and couldn't get past the application part!
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    I thought that everyone automatically got a 'no rehire' status when they left. At least that's what I've heard.

    I saw one guy come back. But he came in and talked to the sups who remembered him and they got him back on.
  16. companal2

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    In the old days, everyone did get a NO rehire status.... Now, some people actually do have good legitimate reasons for leaving and are usually given a good rehire code.

    A "YES" rehire status only makes it possible for you to re-apply for future employment with the firm, it absolutely DOES NOT gurantee a job.
  17. hdtvtechno

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    Stop BS'ing people
  18. dannyboy

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    companal makes an interesting point.

    UPS at one time did have a no rehire policy for anyone that left UPS. Period. But they also had a lot of other rules that they also have relaxed, like putting family on.

    But do to the shortage of available workers, they have had to modify their hiring policies. So maybe this one might change as well.

    Currently, the way it is, if you quit and they classify you as available for rehire, no problem. You can go anywhere else in the world and apply again, and be treated just like anyone else off the street. Maybe just maybe you might have an edge if you were able to develop a skill that they can use.

    If they classify you as a no rehire, that is a warning to the company that you either left instead of being fired (like in the case of part timers that have stolen items, but were never arrested) or you were a pain to your sups. (from work ethic, to chronic late issues, the list is endless.) Or you went over to the dark side (fedex) and leaked information to them. In these cases, UPS does not want you back. All these have happened in our building, so I know of these first hand.

    I dont see them changing a rehire status any time soon.

  19. BrownEvo

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    I been out for a year now.. How long would the previous employee record be on for till it's wiped out?
  20. hdtvtechno

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    Heard its 18 months..that Info came Directly from HQ's