Can anyone give some good HR advise?

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  1. So the situation is. I was forced into a very bad route. Ive been complaining and trying to fix my situation the politically correct way with my manager. The usual bs. Why cant u make ur numbers etc etc. So in my pursuit of fairness. Ive stumbled on some shady stuff. In my managers part. I went to someone new and asked for the sph printout which they gave me no prob. The sph that they mess with me so much are outdated. And as much as i ask for a checkride it goes to def ears. Now the shady part is this :censored2: manager. accoording to the sheet. it says he went on a check ride with me last summer. Mine you its been over a year and a half that ive been trying to fix this. Im really on a mission to put this person in his place cause of this. But i need a goid hr person. Other people have complained on him but somwhow he finds out who it us. Which means hr in my district is not keeping calls confidential. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for tour gelp ladies and gents.
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    Call the "anonymous" ethics hotline.
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    Have you talked to the SM? Are you getting warning letters about your SPH being low? If not, why do you care? All managers complain to all couriers about SPH, it's just talk.
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    Play hardball. Tell him you've got evidence he claimed he gave you a checkride when he didn't. All you're asking is that he create realistic route goals. If not you're going to file a GFT. Last thing he wants.
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    HR is not your friend. Whatever you say to them they will talk about to your station management. At my station, we bypass our district HR and go to his boss. He usually fixes things. I haven't had a goal setting check ride in two years, but I'm pretty sure I signed the sheet afterwards. Ask to see yours, since he claims you had a check ride.

    If that doesn't work, as Dave said, call the ethics hotline.
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    find another job! My "RTB" is set at 16:30 for deliveries and my PUP route starts a 15:00
  7. Thanks guys. Ethics hr sounds good. Im just really hell bent on tryingto get this person on some kind disciplinary action. It just isnt rite for them to just say they went on a check ride and really didnt. That is just not f in rite. Some of us are here do our jobs because its the only we have. And we should not allow people like this to make our lives harder then they already are with this type of crap. Is the ethics hotline number?. And i care because people should not be doing things like that. Lying about check rides. Really. Thats just unexcepptable. Even for this freakin place. If they cant do their job. They need some kind of discipline or something..
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    I vote for 2 slaps on his pee pee
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    Are you volunteering?
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    Make sure any of your verbal requests are backed up by Email. This helps eliminate "he said, she said". Print out your emails and responses and save at home. Be sure to use your FedEx Email address and FedEx Email system for all communication, never your private Email address. You need a bonafide paper trail to bring any manager to task. If they ever show you a report over the desk ask for a copy right then and there. If you have to sign anything get up and go to they copy room before turning it in. WAD and CYA go hand in hand.
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    This should end well.
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    Lemme go get the stick spoon
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    FedEx HR is a joke.

    We have one guy who covers an insane number of stations so he's spread paper thin and on top of the usual sticking up for management philosophy.

    Consult an attorney instead about this harassment and give the lawyer's business card to your manager and watch that light a fire under his ass.
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    Get the paperwork showing a checkride before you do ANYTHING. I don't remember signing my checkride sheet (it's been 5+ years), but if it has your signature falsified, you'll have your ammunition.
    It's HR's responsibility to talk to management after a claim. I'm not sure if HR is actually obligated to keep the callers name confidential though. If someone filed a complaint against me, I would never sign anything or even answer any questions until I knew who filed the complaint.
    You had better have solid proof before calling an attorney.
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    Yeah, and if I don't?

    Eff that, I'll contact one when I feel like it.
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    The good ones aren't cheap.
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    Couldn't agree more. Anyone dumb enough to hire an attorney "'cause my boss said I had a check ride last year but I didn't" deserves whatever he gets in return.
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    Oh, look who's here. It never hurts to talk to an attorney, especially if they're up to no good and to protect yourself. You don't specify what the "shady" part is in enough detail to really give specific advice.

    The not trusting HR part is right on the money. Please remember that Dano is here to protect the company, not you, so you can ignore whatever he says.

    What I advise everyone is to document everything that isn't on the up and up...every day. Keep a notebook, take pictures of airbills etc...whatever you can to prove that what they are doing is wrong because they will absolutely LIE in court and during any sort of HR procedures.

    People I know who have successfully protected their jobs and/or taken legal action have one thing in common...documentation that proves FedEx is lying. Most courts are aware of how FedEx operates, but still require the proof to nail them at their own game.

    Be smart.
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    MFE, how would your lawyer go about collecting the evidence he/she would need to substantiate your claim and what what would your end goal be?
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    Most of the evidence would have to be provided by me, or subpoenaed by the attorney if necessary. That's why I'm telling people to document, document, document. Dates, times, places and specific evidence are what counts in court.

    This is why so many Express employees who would have otherwise excellent cases fail to concrete evidence. If you have an issue and contact HR, do it in email so there is a trail. Same with on-road...message on the PowerPad so you have proof as opposed to accusations that lack any substance. This is what an attorney could force FedEx to hand over.

    The end goal is to prove your case and win, whether that means keeping your job or a lawsuit.