Can I apply to multiple to UPS positions at once?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Romeofud, May 6, 2014.

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    Hi, just wanted to state that I'm new to this site and am still in the process of becoming a part of the UPS team. Now, here's what happened so far: I applied for package driver at UPS in NYC and got interviewed, got road tested, passed, and now my status says "on file" and I'm not sure if I should just wait around for someone to call me, if someone ever does, or go ahead and apply at the UPS in Brooklyn for the same position since they have openings right now? I figured maybe I can get in with Brooklyn sooner than later or take which ever site calls me first, pending if I can in fact become eligible at both hubs in different boroughs but the same city. Anyone with info on how this works I'd appreciate it. Thanks again.
  2. Yes.
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    Try it out online and see if it works. I know you can't do more than one at our center, I think there is a 30 day time limit or something. Give it a shot and see if you can apply more than once. I don't see what it could hurt.
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    Yea, I figured why not try since it's 2 different centers and there's no telling if I'm going on the waiting list at the first one I applied to.