can i apply to two different hubs?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by bluemoon, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. bluemoon

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    i have been looking for a job as a package handler at the hub near my house with no luck, but i just looked on the ups careers page and it said that they are hiring at the hub about an hour away from my house. is it possible to apply at both of these hubs or is there some kind of rule against that? also, i would preferably like to work at the one near my house, but like i said they are never hiring. do you guys think it would be a good idea to walk into their human resources department and ask to speak with someone? i dont want to be a pain in the ass, but i really need a job right now.
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    It wouldn't hurt to try--all they can do is say no.

    I can't speak for the larger hubs/centers but our "human resources department" at my center consists of one employee who's desk is next to the on-car's who's desk is next to the dispatch who's desk is next to the OMS--in other words, they all share one large office.

    What I would do is apply at the hub an hour away just to get your foot in the door and make your intentions known that you would like to transfer to the hub closer to your home when an opening exists.

    If you need a job right now may I suggest that you go a local temp agency. It may not be the job that you want but you will be earning a paycheck while looking for the job that you do want.
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    thanks alot man, i will definitely do that. the hub thats an hour away from my house is actually one of the largest in the country, so im pretty sure i can get in if im persistent. it would be great if i could transfer to the hub once i have my foot in the door like you said. i actually have a part time job right now, its at advance auto, but that job doesnt pay near enough to make a decent living on.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Check with your local unemployment office or social services offices as there may be benefits available to you that you may be unaware of.

    Keep in mind that your benefits at UPS are delayed for a year for yourself and 18 months for your family.
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    i know peak hiring season is usually during the holidays, but what are some of times of the year when ups starts to hire a couple more people?
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    In this economy--peak is about the only time that hiring is a priority and that is for temporary help.
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    i went to the hub near my house today and was told that the human resources office was not located in their building, but in indianapolis which is about four hours away from my house (im in n.w. indiana). i got a card with the name and number of the human resources representative, but im a little reluctant to call him. im tired of applying for this company and hearing "go online, fill out the application and well call you." meanwhile i never hear back from them and im left to wonder why they didnt call me. do you guys think its a good idea to call him or would he just think i was wasting his time? have any of you guys ever tried something similiar and had it work?
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    The first time I applied for UPS was October of '08. I didn't hear back from them until October of '09, and when I finally got an interview, I received 3 separate emails from 3 different hubs I had applied to, to interview with, and all within a month (struck out with the first two, finally hit on the 3rd).

    That, however, was through their online application. So you see how that goes...

    My advice would be to call the HR rep every week, especially if you were given a card with his name and number. Persistence does pay off, and the HR rep will more than likely look upon you favorably because of it.

    I wouldn't, however, mention that you live both an hour away, and that you're interested in transferring at some point. Don't float that talk until AFTER your pre-seniority has been met. And if the HR rep/sort manager asks if you live close by, LIE. Do not tell them you live an hour away, because in my experience, the distance of your home from the hub does play into your consideration for employment (obvious reasons).

    Another thing to add...when you say you were told the HR office wasn't located in their building, did they mean the main office? Because if I'm not mistaken, there are HR main offices, separate from the HUB you applied to.

    Perhaps you could ask to speak to an HR rep about employment at that hub? There should always be someone from HR working throughout the day in the hub (unless I'm mistaken). My hub has 3 HR reps working throughout the day. If you're still met with the same answer, try to talk to an employee heading into the hub, explain your predicament, and see if they can at least get you a phone number (there should be a contact list of phone numbers inside of the hub).

    Good luck.
  9. bluemoon

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    good news guys, i went for my interview and tour at the location near my house on wednesday. i guess being persistent really paid off in my case. i went along with two other guys interviewing for the same position, but neither of them really showed any enthusiasm about working there. anyway, after the tour we go into his office he starts going through the "first interview" which im sure you all know is just verifying information. i was wondering if i made a mistake by putting that i was discharged from a previous job? it wasnt due to job performance, i was in high school at the time and they werent able to work around my schedule anymore so they let me go. was that a huge mistake putting that in there? i had the option to delete it when i put in the application, but i was afraid that there was a way he could see that i deleted it. he didnt really mention anything about the positions being open yet. he let me know that within the next two weeks that he should know whether the positions will be available or not. on the same note, can anyone tell me how long it took for ups to complete their background check?
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    UPS doesn't care your past jobs. As long as your not a thief or violent criminal your fine if they don't call you back don't take it that they didn't like you. It is more likely they hired someone else ahead of you. Just keep applying and call the HR person remember the squeaky wheel get the most attention.
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    Hi bluemoon,
    Wait for sometime and see if your get a call, if not then just call the HR to just remind about you and just check that if someone else has filled the slot. Also, do keep checking at regular intervals to so that you would be at the back of the minds of the recruiters. Just keep you fingers crossed and hope for the best. Good luck!!
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    hey guys, i know this isn't the same situation as the OP, but i couldn't find any other threads and i didn't want to make a new one. i'm currently employed at a nearby hub twilight shift. i was wondering if it's at all possible to get a day sort job at a different hub (my hub doesn't have day sort), and still keep my current job. i'm assuming it isn't possible, because i think more people would do it, but i have to ask.
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    Time is shortened with the new contract I believe.
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    mostly in summer time
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    every thing is can apply to both hubs and or apply to as many positions as they have up that you qualify for...just keep in mind that the further one out if they hire you is were you will be working from then on.
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    For some reason, my mind is dismissing this comment as "jaded."
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    Thank you for not starting a new thread.

    I have not ever heard of a person working 2 different shifts in 2 different buildings.
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    This right here