Can I get fired for getting multiple injuries?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by MrMiracle, May 15, 2013.

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    Hey guys,

    First time posting here. Did a couple of quick searches and couldn't find anything in regards to my particular situation. I'm a part-time sorter on the night shift and I'm concerned about losing my job. I've worked at UPS for about 6 months and unfortunately I dislocated my left shoulder (outside of work) about 2 months ago. After about 2 weeks off I started working again and everything was fine until I dislocated the same shoulder a couple of days ago (also outside of work). I'm not sure how long I'll be out of work for this time, but I'm very concerned about losing my job -- especially since they just hired a bunch of new people for the Summer season. I should mention that no one in management has actually warned me or hinted that I might get fired over this. I don't know a whole lot about the Union and whether or not it protects me over this kind of stuff, but any help or advice would be much appreciated.
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    As long as you have proper documentation, you will not be fired. But time off from injury may affect your vacation, pension & insurance eligibility.
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    ^^^What he said...and for God's sake stop dislocating that shoulder...
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    If you have made book you may be eligible for disability .. GL
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    No you won't get fired but wait until you injure that same shoulder on the job. Just bend over and take it will only hurts for a little while.
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    How hard are you tugging it that you dislocated your shoulder????? Jeepers!!
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    You haven't hurt your shoulder or hand yet??...LOL.....Are you blind yet????
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    I second what the guys said above. Make sure you have doctors notes for all of your time off and IF you receive any correspondence from the company reply to it immediately. Also keep your steward and business agent apprised of your situation. Cover all your bases.
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    Thanks a lot for the replies. While I'm not getting paid for my time off, I was mainly just paranoid about the fact that I'd been working for only about six months and already had to take almost 2 weeks off for this thing. Also, for those curious, I dislocated my shoulder by just rolling over in bed weird. Lame, right? I constantly lift heavy objects with no problem but God forbid I try to move in my sleep.
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    They don't care because they are not paying you. Sounds like you need surgery though if you keep having problems with your shoulder. You might be lucky enough to get insurance before the end of the year. 6 months will be November, so I would get anything done before December 31. Because next year with this new insurance, you probably will have to pay more out of pocket.
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    No! you shouldn't be fired.... Not that It can not happen, but there is a limit of how much liability your injuries become....
    and how much management is willing to oversee your injury..... By the way.... You were injured while at work! dont bring up your skateboard activity! or as brownmonster said it.......Your hoggin!