Can I work for both UPS and USPS at the same time?

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    Hey everyone. A brief background and then I'll get to my questions:

    My UPS experience began when I was seasonally hired in Dec as a driver helper. After reporting for my first day of work, they offered me a position on the preload. I dove right in and spent the bulk of December working 10+ hour days as I'm sure everyone here did as well. Despite all the bitching I heard around the shop and on a lot of the package cars I helped on, I loved the job. It beat the hell out of sitting in an office for 8 hours a day. (maybe I'm naive?! haha) Anyway, I was told multiple times that I'd be contacted for an evening shift position. I'd love to work myself into a driver position, so I waited to hear back. I stopped in/ called multiple times and then waited. ...and waited.

    Anyway, they finally got back to me this week(geez, take your time!), but at this point, I'm currently going through the process of getting hired at USPS as a city carrier assistant. The PO job is mine as long as I pass the physical requirements, which will be no problem. I will take the USPS job for sure, but I'd like to work at UPS in the evenings as well.

    Can I work for both places at the same time?

    Is there some sort of non-compete clause against this (for either employer)?

    I'd love to drive at UPS eventually, but doing grunt work for 4 years before that opportunity isn't the most appealing. haha. Where can I be at the post office if I put in four years there?

    If anyone has any input on UPS vs USPS, I'm all ears. Specifically, I'm interested in my options for "moving up the ladder".

    Cheers, and thanks for the input!