Can someone give me peace of mind please!

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    I ordered a set of $6,000 custom forged wheels and the shipping label was created and dropped off at a UPS store. It was then scanned by UPS as received. 3 of the wheels showed up on the expected date in perfect condition while the 4th never showed. I called UPS and they stated they cant track it because its just been scanned as received by UPS and for me to contact the shipper. We did a conference call and the UPS store said all 4 wheels were picked up by UPS. 3 wheels were scanned "departed" while the one wheel continues to just say "received"- no departure scan. This is where im confused. It states its still "in transit" but with no updates or other scans!! When tracking the packages online, its says 4 packages. Is this common for 1/4 large packages to NOT ship wi th the rest?!! And if so, with no departure scan?? Its been 2 days since delivery and its still a no show. Just continues to show "in transit" with 50% green status bar. This isn't a $15 item but $1,500!!! Now my cars on a lift and was supposed to have a photo shoot tomorrow. Im beyond aggrevated. How does UPS fail to ship, lose, or delay a big wheel?!! Maybe someone in here can help me from my head exploding.
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    I would have got upset also so what I think is that one of the label fell off the fourth package and it is in the hub in the over goods with the rest of packages that lose labels you have to go to the hub and talk to manager sorry that it happened hope you get it back
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    It was probably misloaded and will arrive soon. If you think it was stolen I'd doubt it very much. The kids in the hubs are looking for iPod and perscriptions.
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    When you go to the photo shoot have them take pictures from the "good side".
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    This thread begs the question "why" as in "Why in the world would anyone spend $6K for wheels???"
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    I had a weird experience where I delivered 3 packages to a business. I put them on the desk in the office and the customer signed for them. I left and didn't think twice about it. A while later, the customer asked me if I'd delivered a couple of 4 wheelers to them. I said that I was pretty sure that I hadn't and asked them why they asked. He said that UPS showed that I had delivered them on such and such date and that so and so had signed for them. I said that I was fairly certain that I didn't sit 2 175 lb. 4 wheelers on the corner of the desk! Anyway, eventually they found out what had happened to them, but the tracking numbers were for that particular shipment. What really happened, I don't know. How they showed up later-- I don't know that either. All I can tell you is that what UPS tells you isn't always the way it is. :whiteflag:
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    If you can't drive something cool like an Altima you sometimes need to put some bling on it.
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    ​He's got factory Bluetooth!
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    Maybe he's a player looking like eminem wit sum gold chain zzz and a fourty ouncer.

    Oh yea and dat big base bumpin.
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    Do you know Jackburton ??

  12. Your wheel is most likely lost in the UPS system, hope you had insurance. you may want to think about buying a new one.

    Loyal Teamster
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    It will more than likely be delivered to you tomorrow. They probably just could not fit that big of a package into the drivers allready bulked out truck.
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    Did I mention that it has Sirius XM, Bluetooth and a rear view camera?
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    You leave Jack Burton alone! We are in his debt! He showed great courage.
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    Did you pay for insurance? Is going to be helpful....
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    Because they want new wheels, and the ones they want happen to cost $6,000.

    Different strokes for different folks.

    Ever heard of that expression?
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    Bingo we have a winner...
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    He didn't ship them the person that ship them would have to have put insurance on them.
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    Some people have more money than brains in this case probably not a lot of either...