Can someone interprate this?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by sbauer22, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. sbauer22

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    QC, CA 22/12/2008 19:46 ORIGIN SCAN LACHINE,
    QC, CA 19/12/2008 21:05 ARRIVAL SCAN BROSSARD,
    QC, CA 19/12/2008 20:00 DEPARTURE SCAN 19/12/2008 18:34 ORIGIN SCAN 19/12/2008 17:56 PICKUP SCAN CA 19/12/2008 18:01 BILLING INFORMATION RECEIVED

    That's the last thing I have for my package,that no one knows where it ended.
    Some say Quebec,others Alberta ! (and I'm talking about call agents in UPS)

    Is it just a way to prepare people to let them know that never they will have their package delivered?
  2. drewed

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    Down to up
    Picked up scanned to a container that left (physical)
    Arrived in Bronnard (could be either more likely logical)
    Left in building is a phyical scan
    Then it looks like it was transfered to another facility
    arrived (logical)
    and then it looks like a trailer or container wasnt loaded otherwise itd have another exception on it (in lachine)
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    Your going to have to really put that in laymans terms for this guy ;)
  4. toonertoo

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    If its there everything will be delivered or the bosses and drivers will not leave until they are. Merry Christmas. It happens rarely, and always at the worst possible times, have faith.
  5. sbauer22

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    Well, there was a period after the orgin scan in Lachine while the status was in transit, after there was another exception cuz it wasn't dispatched,but they have no idea if the package arrived to Edmonton.According to the people in Montreal, it leaves Montreal tonight and according to the international call centre, it's already in Alberta.
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    Not really important lol but i noticed you are always referring me as a he lol I'm a girl :D
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    Well you just may get more help then HAHA
  8. sbauer22

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    oh I think I will post again my tracking number information,cuz nothing seems right now
  9. DownsizedUPS'er

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    when drewed posted the info on the scans, they explained there are the "physical" scans. this means that a person had it in their hands when they scaned the pkg. it was left in a building which caused a delay, then it was not loaded at one of the hubs. it is not lost, just delayed.
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    "he" was considered generic for internet speak when someone has not indicated their sex, ;)

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    Haha no problem :D

    FAVREFAN Member

    You need to have someone look it up on ETT. As most of you know on BC, most of our scans are b.s. or logical scans. You need to find out where the last physical scan was, it made it at least that far for sure. And then go from there. Good luck. Let us know what happened.
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    Drew, only you would say that. LMAO:happy-very: Still no girlfriends Drew?
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    Puberty is right around the corner!
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    Go Oilers :D

    Probably too much bad weather in Canada, That snow will make a difference. It's been everywhere
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  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If it makes you feel any better you are not the only one at the mercy of UPS (and the weather) this time of year. I wanted to surprise my daughter with a new Blackberry Storm so I ordered it on Sunday (yeah, I know, last minute) and was guaranteed delivery yesterday. Well, with all of this lovely weather, this flight was delayed and the NDA did not reach our center until well after driver start time and they had no one left to deliver it but, much to my surprise, they dug through the load and located my package and had it sitting in the office waiting for me when I got off road.

    I do hope things work out well for you and your package.
  17. sbauer22

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    What ETT means? From what I can see the last scan it's orgin scan and it;s in Montreal,After no departure scan,no arrival scan in Alberta, just out for delivery.
  18. Nitelite

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    I'm still trying to 'interpret' the topic line.
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    Haha me and my typos.I was extremly upset and I tried to re-write the topic line,but I couldn't find out how.
  20. sortaisle

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    ETT is ups's inside package tracking system. They would be able to tell you exactly where your package is. The package not being dispatched is probably because of the weather and it was held in the building.