Can supervisors make you re-enact an incident?


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Today I had an injury. I did a mistake by allowing the center manager and my supervisor to have me reenact the incident.
They took a picture of me doing the reenactment.
will they use that picture against me to protest against workers comp?

It is illegal for UPS to attempt to pressure you into not filing for workers compensation. It is illegal If they try to get you to file it under disability. Tell your attorney everything. Try to get evidence of UPS doing this. Like if a sup texts you to tell you to file it under disability. Show your attorney.

Keep track of any sort of harrasment or retaliation from management. It's called Workers comp fraud and UPS does it all of the time.


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Lol and I paid less than $300,000 for a 3000 square-foot home probably $1 million where you are or more I’ll stay right where I’m at. I had the unfortunate responsibility of selling two condos in California do to deaths in the family, one about 1000 ft.² in Alisa Viejo that’s sold for just shy of 400 K and another in Costa Mesa that was about 1400 square-foot that sold for about 420 K both were in the early to mid 2000s, ridiculous prices then and it’s even more than that now. Everything you think you’re getting free you’re paying handsomely for through taxes and over priced property.

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Thought they just declared disaster in like 45 out of 50 counties in California or something like that.
We call it a disaster if our state at any point mimics the weather of a crappy Midwest or East coast state. To us its a disaster.

Also it's 58 counties and I don't know where you're getting this 45 number from. I've heard 10.