Can They Do That?

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    I would suggest that you let the grievance procedure handle it and avoid making the situation worse by resorting to violence. You need to also be aware that even if you kick a manager or co-workers ass "off the property" it can STILL be considered work related and result in both loss of your job and criminal consequences.
    To answer the first part of your question---it is not up to management to select the union representation, it is up to the member. Management had no right to do what they did, but once they instructed the steward to leave the premises he should have done so under protest and gotten witnesses. The member would at that point have had the right not to participate in the interview any further since he was, in effect, being denied union representation by the company.

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    I Know I Can Get In Trouble For Kicking Ass, But I Am So P****d Right Now. The Steward Actually Got In A Supv's Face Without Touching Him. I Watched The Whole Thing Happen And I Thought The F/t Mngt Scum Bag Was Going To Back Down, But He Did Not. Can The Supv Use Violence In The Workplace And Say He Felt Threatened?
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    First off, you dont have to "yell" with your first post. We are not deaf or blind.

    Secondly, yes, you get into the face of a supervisor, and that could be considered threatening. Bad decision on the part of the shop steward. Sober is correct, the hourly person can choose from the available stewards for representation. And if the company refuses, then it must be documented and a grievance filed. But the employee does not have the right to walk out of the meeting I do not believe. You do as instructed and then file on the proceedure later. It could be that you could get the whole thing thrown out due to proceedural issues. So why make it worse and create new problems.

    As far as kicking anything, you do realise that if you do, and they find their way to tracing this post to you, then your kicking days are over. More like bending over for bubba and saying please.

    So never ever let emotions run wild at work. Some managers like to push buttons, and this is one way they try to do so. Dont let them win. Stand up for yourself, be polite, firm and conduct yourself properly. In the end, you will make your point, and get the respect of those around you, both company and hourly.

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    D, I had a similar experience, kinda. My steward was gone and they wanted a meeting. I requested my steward, they were going to call the steward from another center, one whom I heard was not trustworthy or reliable. I refused and told them they were violating my weingarten rights and told them point blank ' meeting is over" and walked away. You have the right to walk away and they can't do anything but be sure to do it by the book. 1 requested steward and be specific if necessary. 2 if they refuse tell them "you are violating my weingarten rights, this a violation of FEDERAL LAW. Meeting done........ They were pushing the issue for a second after that until I started to call the hall. And I told them I was calling the hall. Never heard another word about it. I knew the meeting was coming so I had a witness with me when this all took place.
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    Do a little research into what a steward can and can not do. Yes, we can raise our voices or use "salty" language if the situation calls for it. And it is perfectly legal.

    If you are a steward operating in that role remember the Equality Rule. You are on equal footing as the management. As long as you are operating in the role of a steward there is no master-servant relationship. Equals.

    Look it up on the Internet it is not hard to find. Try
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    Killsup,...You need to calm down.No sup is worth losing your job and they will transfer to different job sooner or later....Plus, they will have you in cuffs if you get physical...Have the attitude of taken the hit, smile in thier face and say are you through yet.If they hit witnesses) take the hit..they will be win..
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    I always treated them as equals and with respect, and the same was shown back to me. We are adults. We can handle the situation without getting into cussing and carrying on. And if it is not settled here today, then there are other means to settle labor issues. And while the exchange might be heated, there should not be conduct that should come back to bite you later on.

    Now, that being said, there were many issues that I represented people for where it was cut and dry, the company was out of bounds or just plain wrong.

    BUt there were many more when the driver or other hourly brought the crap on themselves. In that case, while you walk in as equals, you also know they have you. And you are asking them to please allow this driver to come back. That he will not act like a spoiled brat and quit his/her job again, or walk off the job. Believe it or not, we have had many drivers quit while on the job and walk off. And after they get home to the wife and kids and realise what they have actually done......

    It is at times like that your previous treatment of management will come back to haunt you. While we are equals in the meetings, I never forget that in cases like the ones above, they are doing you a real favor by bringing the employee back. They dont have any obligation to, and they know it. And so does the union.

    I dont like, nor would I tollerate someone getting into my face. I would not expect for them to put up with it from me either.

    BTW, there are many things that are legal, but still not right.

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    In a situation like this, one has to keep their composure and be the bigger person. The contract will provide the avenue of approach. If one reverts to violence then that negative energy can be used against the person. Let the pros handle it...
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    Looks like the meeting started out wrong and kept going down hill after that. Everybody needs to back off, cool down and meet again later in the week!
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    This crap happens in my center too. I think the member should have the right to pick steward. Union is not enforcing this though. Stupid contract states work as instructed and file later. Any act of violence on company property will get you fired. I would have the whole center full of drivers file every damn grievance you can think of to overload their ass and show unity!! Tell all the drivers to stop using their phones to help the company. Use diad only!!! Maybe you stop requesting option 3 days in advance and just call in.
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    Yep, same advice that I give regarding the cellphone nonsense. They always tell me to call in and I send a message instead, I refuse to use my personal minutes. If a cellphone is required to do the job, UPS needs to work out a package deal with Verizon or someone. We all know the answer to that idea. This is the only time I ever refuse to work as directed and I'm positive they will try to fire me over it eventually.
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    This thread is another fine example. Good advice from a lot of posters here to calm down and let the process work. A few goons jumping in to offer advice on how to retaliate against the boss. Retaliate for what? Because someone didn't follow instructions when the boss told him to back off. You guys keep struggling with the boss the boss thing and then can't figure out why you get burned. Mutual respect works. If you don't give it don't expect it in return.

    As for the guy with the kill supervisor name talking about jumping the supervisor.You've already made the threat, you're lucky if the fbi does not show up at your doorstep.
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    My thoughts, first of all change your name. It is offensive. You obviously were upset when you posted, and maybe or not rightly so, but it doesnt fit the mission of the site.
    Second, not only could you lose your job, there could be criminal action for assault if you carried through, and how would that affect you and your family if you have one??
    Rant and rave all you want but no job, sup or steward is worth what you mentioned. As someone else said, chill>
    And did I mention you should really change your name to something more fitting or constructive.
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    Good advice. I've always found it best to let management discipline its own. Grievances are nice as far as they go but sometimes, there're wrongs grievances just will not settle. Yes....I have seen management take their own to the woodshed. It would have been nice if I hadn't been enraged, let alone offended.

    Bingo. My first time with UPS, I rarely had a problem with my supe that a little reasonable talk could not settle. The second time was a different story entirely. -Rocky
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    Many of you hold the contract up and ask management to follow it. If you're going to do so then you have to support all of it not just the parts you agree with. There is also a grievance process for the above event. Let the process run its course.
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    I agree! We've seen another poster with a much less offensive name who was forced to change it.

    Why is this poster allowed to keep a name that advocates murder???
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    For some reason I am reminded of a story I was once told by a division manager from when she was a center manager. She had a driver that was a pain in the rear for her and she wanted him gone. He was a hothead and she knew it. So she decided to needle him and push his buttons without mercy one day, doing everything and anything she new would piss him off. Sure enough, the poor bastard halls off and slugs her. End of problem for her, end of career for him.

    Now, just a couple disclaimers, I of course have no way of knowing if the story was true, but from what I knew of this particular manager, I have no reason to doubt it. I am also not advocating this as something that struck me as cool or ethical or the right way to manage people, its just a story I heard once.
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    It's a story you heard once and a tactic that is widely used at UPS. Those of us in operations know it all too well. Good to know the right kind of managers are getting promoted, not.