can UPS check your driving record?

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    I always wondered why they hand out those forms every year for us to fill out if they could just simply check it on their own. I mean if a driver has a ticket or two over the course of the last year or some sort of reckless driving infraction or even has lost their license or something wouldnt UPS be able to simply check some data base or check with the DMV?
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    Sure, they can. If you haven't realized by now, UPS may be morons when it comes to perfect, consistant dispatch but they are experts at
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    I had to fill out a DMV request form for 32 years. UPS probably needed some signed request to get the info. As was said above by other posters if you said you had none & then they found moving violations what else would they look. We all know the integrity issue thing.
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    I always get something in the mail from the state DMV after they check my driving record.
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    Yes they do check!!!!! A few years ago I put no violations down on my form. a week later they handed back to me a DMV report with a parking violation for $$15.oo at a service plaza on turnpike I had pulled into and parked out front with a set of doubles and trooper hit me for fine. I had to fight with UPS AND DMV to clear up, not a moving violation so the EVIL EMIRE will check and won't trust you..... be honest with them!!!!!!
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    They'd be fools not to.
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    this cracks me up too, my sup asked me to fill it out, then told me not to lie were going to check it anyway. me thinks they are just looking for you to mess up. just something else that they can hold over your head.
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    The last time I filled one of those out I put down that I had no tickets, then a few days later I remembered that I did have one. I just forgot about the ticket , it had been almost a year. Is having CRS a valid defense?
  9. It is required by the FMCSA Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

    §391.27 Record of violations.

    (a) Except as provided in Subpart G of this part, each motor carrier shall, at least once every 12 months, require each driver it employs to prepare and furnish it with a list of all violations of motor vehicle traffic laws and ordinances (other than violations involving only parking) of which the driver has been convicted or on account of which he/she has forfeited bond or collateral during the preceding 12 months.

    (b) Each driver shall furnish the list required in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section. If the driver has not been convicted of, or forfeited bond or collateral on account of, any violation which must be listed he/she shall so certify.

    (c) The form of the driver's list or certification shall be prescribed by the motor carrier. The following form may be used to comply with this section:
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    If you cant remember if you got any, then put that down. If you put down to the best of your recollection, you did not get any, and you did, that could be a way out. If you just put down none, and you had some, then you could be let go for dishonesty. You might get your job back, you might not.

    If you are not sure, put down you are not sure.

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    That's a good idea!
    If everybody did that, it would give somebody something to do. Create another job or at least give them something to do instead of staring at the office walls. Plus, they couldn't catch anybody being "dishonest".!
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    So, the EMPIRE is EVIL because they caught you in a lie?
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    That's just it, at the time I filled out the paper I thought" Nope, didn't get any tickets in the last year." Then a few days later it dawned on me that..."OH CRAP, I did get a ticket in the last year!". That's not really being dishonest, it's being wrong.
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    I have not worked since 26 Dec 07 and I just had to go and sign one last month.