Can UPS Package car drivers transfer?

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  1. I am in a relationship with a UPS driver and we live together. We aren't married yet if that matters. I have a job that I know can bring opportunities if I transferred to their corporate office in another state. Can a UPS driver be transferred and keep their seniority? Can they if they became a feeder driver? I have been told yes and someone has said no.
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    No, not without quiting and trying to be rehired.
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    Depends on where you live and where you want to transfer to... If your fall under the western rider and both location fall under that rider it is possible. Company seniority would be kept building seniority might might not. As to getting a feeder driver position they would need to sign the list at the new location and wait there turn...

    If you don't currently fall under the Western rider / supplement your are SOL. You would have to quit and hope to get rehired as a PTimer in the new locations. If you quit you run the chance of being put on the no rehire list....
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    With a screen name of southtomidwest. Ill bet they late not in the western rider and are SOL.
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    We can only transfer within our Local.
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    Don't worry, you can find another man/woman there. Good luck!!