Can we all agree - comments like Gibby's



I am just curious what each of you thinks that have been fortunate enough to read some of Gibby's recent comments. TieGuy, Over9.5, please, i am REALLY curious if you agree or disagree with what I am about to say:

Gibby mentioned several items which I believe are problems throughout the company: Management hours (espec the carrot held out for P/T sups to shield the over 5 hour days), staffing in urban (i.e. "ghetto" areas), reverse discrimination.

OK here is the problem as i see it, please just give me a Yes or No if you agree:
1.) The above problems are real life situations and problems in many, if not all, districts around UPS
2.) The idea of promoting someone like this person, who i assume is in his early 20's is the greatest long term threat to UPS.
3.) We have already promoted several like him!

This contempt for tradition, the thought of leading full time employees without ever having been in their shoes, the idea a degree makes you qualified for management at UPS (and is now generally required) and the failure by our "new guard" of management to have employees work with them will be the key to the demise of this great company.


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Gibby sounds like a complete idiot and unfortunately has had some agree with him. As a recent retiree(Teamster) the thought of people like him running the company scares the hell out of me. Makes me wonder if my pension will survive fools like him.


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Ive been with UPS almost 10 years. It scares the heck out of me. I KNOW this company will not last with a bunch of Gibby's ruining the show.


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Likewise. I see a lot of the new hires that are driving, which do not grasp it. They want things given to them. We have a new driver who was running over about 3 hours a day, while on his packet. He was sent back to hub, he filed a grievance, and somehow got on as a driver. Now I need to pick up his air every day, and help him with a pickup. I am afraid of what will become of Christmas. UPS is not for everyone. For the most part, I like what I do. I try and run misloads, (when practical) and I like my customer interraction. It irritates me when cover drivers are disrespectul to my customers, and can care less about taking care of my route.


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I am embarassed by someone like Gibby. I would never want to work for someone as polarized as he is.

Working at UPS, while attending college, really made me realize that I am lucky - lucky to have gotten through college, lucky to have a job - and that it really takes a lot more than a piece of paper to be a good worker or a good leader. Working for UPS has also given me a lot of humility. When I was an unloader on the hub I could have pissed and moaned about how hard the work was, especially since I am your typical lazy Gen-Xer. Instead I didn't say a thing and worked my butt off.

The value of work - so very few people my age understand it! They all think they should step off that commencement stage and have a six-figure salary, that old people are slow and stupid, they deserve everything, and that they don't have to lift a finger to get it.


This yahoo gibby is a blow hard and is only a small part of the overall problems UPS has attracting and retaining young talent. He brings up some good questions but exposes his inmaturity with words like "cuz".
I belive this type of employee is symptomatic of our society in general. We are who we hire and what has become of this nation when the applicant pool comes to this guy. Yes, at 40plus years of age I have become a old curmudgeon if that means I belive that respect is earned not demanded and all yor book learning gibby wont show you what it takes to be a service employee at UPSERVICE...gibby


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Why not demand that your management people are college grads. After all, you pay them the same to do the same job, with or without the degree. That way, they will feel like they have to stay with UPS, after all, they have a lot of time and money invested in the management job.

As for Gabby, a old saying comes to mind. Better to keep quiet and be thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.



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"service employee at UPSERVICE..."

That is the best line I have seen.:thumbup1: :thumbup1: :thumbup1: Should put it on posters in EVERY building to remind employees what this company is all about. Without it we will fail...good numbers, or bad.