Excessive overtime Driver Shortage


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We aren’t staffed to the maximum of what we should be but we are managed. Average days are 8.5-9.5 hours but our heavy days are Wednesday and Thursday and man…. 12 hour days both days for almost everybody. When it’s heavy for us it’s heavy. They decided to run cold trailers scheduled for Friday on Thursday to lighten up Friday so everyone can get off around 8-8.5 hours and save the 9.5 grievances from happening.


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I’m a driver out of the Pittsburgh area Pennsylvania I just wanted to ask other drivers and other locals in Hubs is there such a driver shortage in all hubs?. We are forced with incredible excessive overtime every driver available is working. Are other centers having this driver shortage problem also, or is this specific just to ours? I also wanted to know is management hands tied on hiring new drivers? Or is this just specific to our hub? I have 37 years of service with this company I am working 12 to 14 hour days five days a week it’s not even peak yet believe me we’ve been filing excessive overtime grievances in abundance and they are all getting paid out I do not understand I’ve been there 37 years and there’s never been this problem. Please let me know if this is happening in all hubs thank you. This has been going on for practically the last two years.
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Our center manager will work you one day a week if you want him to. There’s a line of guys that go home everyday. Fully staffed here. Hoping for 8 hour days once we bust out the rentals and get more PVD’s.

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As someone who does not have much tenure at the company or any experience with UPS outside of feeder, these threads always interest me. In this instance, and in a lot of other threads, the work environment for you guys seems to vary greatly. Is that mainly due to being in a higher populated area vs more rural centers? More of how the place is managed? A combination of both?