Can we make it to 90?

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    That's my question. Can us, as UPS drivers, make it to 90? I know our bodies won't, but what about our internal organs? Will the stress of the job kill us pretty early? I'm in my early 30's and my stepfather once said to me (before I worked for UPS) that I wouldn't live to 40 based on his perception of how I deal with stress. This was when I was 21. I've learned since how to deal with stress and rarely do I get :censored2:-off.

    So, does anyone know if us UPSers live shorter lives due to the intensity of our jobs (hourly and management) compared with the average worker? I know we're not air traffic controllers or our brave soldiers fighting in Iraq, but I think a career at UPS can get very difficult that not everyone can do.

    We all know it doesn't take too much brains to be a UPS driver (no offense). The fact remains that any pot-head with a HS diploma could make a very good living (as good as a college educated person) with a little hard work. The fact is, none of these pot-heads wishes to work hard. They would rather work at Blockbuster making 10 bucks an hour and live with mom until they're 45, instead of busting their hump, make 65,000 per year (minimum), drive a nice car, nice apartment, and hot chick. No, they want to play "Grand Theft Auto" and raid mom's refrigerator instead.

    Sad thing is, these are the people who are going to make it to 90 years old because they didn't start working until age 45:lol:
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    It would be pretty interesting to see statistics for this. I really don't think the job lowers our life expectancy, but it certainly makes the aging process more difficult. I really hope my insides fail long before my body does, the other way around is the worst possible way to go out for me. I'd be miserable if I had to linger in a broken body for years waiting for my insides to die.

    As for the title, anybody who makes it to 90 should count their lucky stars (UPS driver or not).
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    They would be interesting stats for sure. My grandparents made it to 90's, my parents to 70 and 80, with chronic conditions. But I lost a sister at 52, and a brother at 59, so I worry.............heart attacks.

    My sister was sedentary, and took huge amounts of meds, my brother never took care of himself too much til he remarried at 49, I think the damage was done.

    My theory is the work we do keeps us healthier longer, heart etc, but the broken body parts could affect the quality of life in the end. But it has been debunked by a driver who retired who used to run maratons, and had no bad habits, dropped dead a yr after he retired of a heart attack. And another from cancer.

    I think 1/3 is heredity, 1/3 is lifestyle, and 1/3 is luck. And there is only 1/3 you can control.

    Interesting thread by the way, hope we get comments. Bet we would get more if we moved it.
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    I had an insurance agent over at my house a few weeks ago. According to him, the Actuaries are predicting that everyone will live till their late Eighties now. He was trying to sell me a larger Term Policy, I didn't go for it.
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    All I know is....retire when you can....statistics show that for every year you work beyond your eligible retirement age, you lose 5 years of your life....interesting stuff....
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    This thread has been moved here from life after brown. I was hoping we could get more input on this interesting question.
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    Tell that to Marty.........
  8. retired

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    I took my retirement when I was eligible. No disrespect to Marty but I was ready to try something new with my time. He's happy so he should stay put.
  9. MR_Vengeance

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    yes you can! watch what you eat and find peace within yourself.........i don't think you can deliver until your are 90 though maybe sweep the floors at ups or greet customers.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    My Dad used to say "Never be afraid to work hard,It'll keep you young".

    Can we make it to 90?? I just want to make it to retirement!
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    in our hub the saying goes if you make it past your 5th year of retirement you will live to an old age. we have had more people pass away in the first 5 years after leaving big brown then most places do
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    There is always an exception. A statistical outlier. Just look at Keith Richards as living proof. LOL :)

  13. I'm sure this statement is based on much study and scientific evidence. Seriously, do you have anything to back that up except for hearing that one person from your district died after they retired?
  14. brownmonster

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    We had a guy retire today and all the retirees that showed up for the send-off appeared quite lifelike.
  15. p1000

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    [rocket88;178314]There is always an exception. A statistical outlier. Just look at Keith Richards as living proof. LOL

    Keith never had to take a piss test.
  16. DS

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    Sez who? maybe if you are 65 and still delivering 250 pkgs a day,but I think an idle body at that age would have the opposite effect.Please show us the statistics.
  17. DS

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    Tooner waytago!...I attempted this but I couldn`t figure it out,even with the coaches`re the man.:thumbup1:
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    And I do too! But I don't want to make it to retirement at 57 and croak at 58! I want to live untill 90, so I can enjoy 30+ years of relaxation. Just sitting on my front porch drinking and iced colod drick and reading a book for 20 years will make all the bull of UPS worth it.
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    From the looks of it Brownie is already indulging in something ice cold:thumbup:
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    Shoot. That was funniest typo I ever made!:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: