Cant get hired beacause of family policy???????

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by beaver396, Sep 24, 2005.

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    My dad is an employee of UPS for 25 yrs in Eastern ky. This past year my uncle 28 has decided to quit his current job because of unfair managment, if he was union things he experienced wouldnt happen. Now that he wasted 8yrs of his life on a corrupt job he wants to move on.
    Let me say that he is my dads brother in law by marriage, they married sisters and live 4 hours apart. He has a great record, college education with A clean CDL record.

    so my uncle goes through the hiring process and they told him that everything was perfect except for the family ties 4 hrs away. So basically he isnt getting hired because he and my dad married sisters. IS THIS THE POLICY?
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    I don't agree with it, but yes, UPS has a "no relative" policy. Specifically, relatives of current employees up to and including center manager are eligible for only part-time employment in operations. However, I'm not sure if that applies to "in-laws". My wife's brother-in-law works at UPS. I'll ask my HR rep on Monday and get back to you. Hopefully, I'll still have a job[​IMG]

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    thats bull. we have several drivers in our district who are married to drivers in their same center some even run routes that bump into each other
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    I don't believe that this is company policy anymore. I know that last peak season one of my fellow drivers used his son as his helper. Its getting hard to find somebody to work their tail off for $8.00 an hour. When my son graduated high school this past summer, he put in dozens off job applications in all over the place. He finally took a job in a discount gas station chain as a cashier. He wouldn't consider UPS because his pay is better, more hours, and College Tuition Reimbursment.
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    Browndude, I'd put money on it they did not hire in married to each other.

    Once in the company cannot stop you from marrying another driver or employee though.

    They changed the rules at least in my area a year or so ago to family can work in the same building, but not on the same shift.

    For instance, we now have several drivers with wives and kids working part-time AM.

    Perhaps there is still a full-time restriction regarding this, I will check into it next week.
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    This is straight out of the UPS Policy Book:

    "We Limit the Employment of Relatives. In order to help maintain equal opportunity of employment for the general public and equal opportunity of promotion for our employees, we limit the hiring of relatives. Relatives of current employees up to and including the level of center manager are eligible only for part-time employment in operations. Relatives of current employees at the level of division manager or above
    are ineligible for employment. Also, we do not hire relatives of former district managers or managers with equivalent or higher levels of responsibility."

    So, it looks like we will hire relatives only into part time positions - as long as the UPS employed relative is not higher than a Center Manager (Grade 16). The question is, what constitutes a "relative"......
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    There used to be rules that you could not have family of any sort working for UPS at the same time.

    UPS has now begun to run out of high quality people wanting to work for us, and have relaxed the rules a bit. How far I am not sure, but we had two boys of one of the drivers work at our preload sort this past year.

    As far as married people working as drivers, last I heard, which was a long time ago, if two drivers married each other, one would have to resign from delivery. Never have seen the actual need to see it enforced, but that was the word back then.

    As hard up for good drivers as we seem to be, I would think that those rules have changed also.

    Racer "Also, we do not hire relatives of former district managers or managers with equivalent or higher levels of responsibility'

    That would sure smell of discrimination to me. I say relationship be damned. Hire the best man or woman for the job, I dont care who's kid, wife or hubby they happen to be. That should always be the driving force for filling a job.


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    thanks guys, he is looking for a feeder driving job, and he knew that part-time work was only thing available untill you work there for a while. It seems he shouldnt have any problem working part-time, i cant see why they are giving him such a problem.
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    Some time ago, we had a situation in our office where two women's grandmothers were sisters. So the question came up, how close in relation can you be to get hired. The answer that came back was that if you considered yourself a relative, you are a relative. If you are an In-Law, do you consider yourself a relative?
  10. sendagain

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    Too bad someone didn't talk to him earlier; their names wouldn't have been the same, and nobody would have been the wiser. I don't see why the company should restrict someone related by marriage, unless their names are Capone or Gotti.
  11. upsdude

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    A former division manager in our area has a son now working as a feeder driver in this district (outside hire). The division manager is still with UPS but has been transferred to Dallas Texas.

    We have 2 drivers married to each other (13 years), another couple consist of a driver and a pre-loader.
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    We also have a Husband/Wife driver situation here along with a preload/driver married couple and several uncle/nephew and cousin relationships. We are a small rural community and it would be hard to staff a workforce here without there being a few relatives sharing employment here. The two married couples did however engage in marital bliss after they were already employees. For the last several years management has also encouraged us to ask out relatives to be our helpers during peak and says that they can be retained after to work preload or metro should there be any available positions.
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    My son works in my building on the preload and as an airdriver and has for four years. They have been trying to get him into management for years. He already had a communications degree when he came on and went through all the interview process but by the time they said it's time to make the move, he had witnessed too much crap the sups have to go through so he turned them down.
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    I've known at least two sets of brothers working at the same time at UPS. One set as drivers, one set as management. Never say never!
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    danny, I worked for a small LTL comapny before I came to work for UPS and the families that owned the company had relatives all through out the organization. They got by with all kinds of stuff because of their last name. I think the whole reason that this rule exists (district managers and up) is to keep out even a hint of nepatism in UPS. I know if Mike Eskew's son/ daughter worked for UPS there is no way that they could have a "normal" work life. Either they would get preferencial treatment, or they have to work 250% harder to do the same job....
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    my HR guy told me i couldn't work the same shift (twilight) as my brother, but thankfully he was becoming a driver up north, so he hired me anyways and called me 30 days later when my brothers "probation" period was over. My dad is a feeder is in the central hub (phoenix) but that didn't matter
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    My cousin got a job here over twenty years ago but it was a counter/clerk position. She told them she was related to me and they said no problem. She ended up marrying a supervisor in the building, one of the ones who made out big time with the stock going public. Now they are both retired with a truck load of cash and living on an Island on the outer banks of South Carolina. Hope they remember me in their will.
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    Company policy now allows hiring of relitives for part time work. After hoired as part timer there are no restriction within the hourly ranks.
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    sorry i didn't read through all the posts to see if this was covered yet or not, but present company policy goes as this:

    if you are applying for a job, and you have a relative in the company who is in a full time bargaining unit position (that means union), then the new hire must start in a part time position and can go full time when that person's name comes up on the transfer list. They CAN NOT start employment in the company as a full time bargaining unit position.
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    how far does the inlaw thing go when they grant you paid funeral leave?