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Once again, good answers appreciated.
Will I go to jail for refusing to answer the questions?
I filled out the stupid form, because of the threats, kinda like the one on mattresses, that say you cant remove the tag, without threat of breaking some federal rule.
Of course they sent me the long one..............
Then I got selected to have some annoying woman knock on my door at 8am on Saturday, right after my husband coming home from the hospital, and she would not take "this isnt a good time" for an answer, and she proceeded to grill me for 30 minutes, about my income, family, etc. Very intrusive!!
She kept saying "are you sure its only you and your husband that live here?" I said well I own a glorious 700 sq ft home I think if someone else lived here, I might see them. Then she informed me she would be doing this every couple months, and then we would be done. I begrudgingly did this, and then, they selected me again.....................Now if it was the lotto, I could never get selected. So I said no and she said I had to, and I pulled out of the driveway and left her there. I had an appointment. Then she called at 8 am on a Saturday and I hung up. I took out my landline, and today, my husband was going for a scoot, a finally beautiful 70+ degree day, forgot his wallet, came home to get it and found her beating on the garage door as the radio was on. She wanted answers on the home on our property, as far as it being a rental. He told her no. She started asking ?s and hes not nearly as patient as I, and said see ya wacca.... wacca.... on his Harley, and left her in the drive. I have told her nothing has changed, I havent found any illegals living here, my income is the same, get all the info you need from the IRS and leave us alone. And her badge proving who she is I could make on my Pc.
How can I get these people to quit intruding on my free time, I do not get enough, and she keeps ruining it. Maybe I should make a badge and follow her to her house??


I don't know the legalities, but I do know this.
Years ago, I filled out the census and was selected for a follow up.
At the time we had a dog I had saved from the local pound. Barked like a hellhound and would get aggressive, if we were not home.
I happened to meet this census taker out on my route. While we were talking I noticed her notebook was open and there was my name and address marked in yellow hightlight,
next to that was a hand written comment, "bad dog".
I never got that follow up visit.
Ain't nothing like a white trash security system.


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Why don't you tell her you have a half dozen illegals living with you and ask her where to sign up for some of that government assistance:wink2:


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Thanks for the advice, Sat and Rod.
I do have a very large white trash security system. It would only lick you and cuddle you to death, but she wont know that.
I could use some of that assistance with the 4 immigrants I have from Texas!!


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Why are they doing census stuff in 2008? And did you follow up and call the Census people to find out if she is legit? Creepy. She would get one shot with me and that's it.