Centers Near An Army Base: UH OH?

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    This could be bad for any center thats located near an army base. Or more specifically.....centers that service those areas. Especially if full sequestration goes into affect later. It all depends on which bases get reduced and/or how the allotment of cuts for the bases selected is made. Apparently 30 bases were targeted. If the cuts were distributed equally among those thirty bases that would be about 1900 less (including civilians) jobs in those areas. Many of those have families. That is probably a drop in the bucket for some places if the base is near a larger city and likely serviced by a hub. But for the smaller centers in towns where the base is a major part of the economy it could result in allot of lost volume. Meaning....even more routes cut than we are seeing now with ORION. And what if some bases are hit harder than others? It might be time for some people to flip through the contract and brush up on what happens if centers are partially closed or absorbed by others. Many of the lower seniority drivers might be working preload/reload to get 8 hours. What a potential mess.
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    Our local AFB closed and there was little to no effect on our operations. The route that did the base simply picked up more work elsewhere.
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    Some Army bases impact a local economy much more than Air Force bases. They are bigger and have more soldiers and families in the immediate area than AF bases. If you take enough away it could hurt. It all depends on the disbursement. Taking away 5000 from one base would gut the economy in the town outside the gates.
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    You're talking about a handful of routes affected across the center. There isn't gong to be buildings wildly affected by it.
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    Small extended centers that service towns that are located outside a base with significant cuts could be hurt. It just all depends on how many are cut. I read another article today that said that Fort Brag is losing around 3000. Doesn't sound like allot but ask most UPS drivers that worked near an army base at the height of the war in Iraq and they'll tell you that it was like a ghost town with that many (or less) deployed. Imagine if they, along with their families if they have them, were gone permanently. Bigger buildings wouldn't be hurt so much if at all. If an area has a hub then that means they have plenty of other industry and other things to keep the economy going. There are whole towns in this country that depend on the bases. Lots of towns have been crippled just by one factory closing. It could happen with troop cuts that are in the thousands. I hope it doesn't happen to anyone though.
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    Troop cuts are the cheapest cuts to make. A lot cheaper then the huge military/industrial complex cuts and corporate welfare cuts.
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    The problem with that is there are a certain number of troops we need in order to maintain our power and/or to defend our country should we face attacks (yes, it could happen) or need to rapidly deploy overseas for extended periods of time. These cuts will put us dangerously close to the bare minimum. We should be cutting wasteful spending and that does include the military industrial complex but deep cuts should be made in other areas of our bloated federal government that we don't need. We need the troops. I'm surprised the Air Force wasn't targeted. We only NEED about 50%. And I'm being generous with that number.