Centers with gps/edd and lunch software

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    Only answer if your center is on lunch software and gps/edd. First off I take my lunch everyday. The other day a driver was saying other drivers were working their lunches and I said that was impossible because of the diad software that shuts down the diad. He responded with they just stop complete a bunch of stops before they clock off for lunch and run them off while diad is shut down and come off lunch and continue with delivering.

    After thinking about this I could only think these guys are going to get themselves fired. All it would take is a customer calling in saying package showed it was delivered at 12 and customer sees driver deliver it at 12:30. To get the reds flags up. And when we accepted the lunch settlement check you put your job on the line if you skipped it after you received the check.

    Have drivers in other centers started doing this also?
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    The only way to avoid trouble in the future is to follow the procedure. The DIAD records two coordinates when you complete a stop - the coordinates of where you're at when you sheet the stop, and the coordinates of the stop address. If the two coordinates are in different places then it will eventually show up somewhere and you'll find yourself talking to your mgr about it.
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    I swear, when I retire from UPS I’m going to open a business and hire these lunch skippers. These folks will work for nothing!
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    Amen, just take the friggin lunch time. Call the wife, call the kids, call mom. There has to be something you can do for an hour. Split up the time 30 and 30 if need be. I take 20 minutes in the morning, 40 mid afternoon, and my 10 minute break just before I head in.
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    I would say a least 2-3 times a day I forget to stop complete a stop while I'm there. Talking to customers and just forget. Then I get to the next stop and notice. I then stop complete, the DIAD does it's 'you're in the wrong location sound' and I move on. Never have heard a word from managment. BTW, I take my lunches, but what is this 1 hour deal. Here in CA we only have to take a 30 min. lunch.