Central States pension calculator


no one considers UPS people."real" Teamsters.-BUG


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Very realistic ,, expect that to be waiting for you,, especially if the largest number of union supporting members get told no more pension

Article 14 Section 1 of the Central Region Supplement.

If the benefit paid from the CS Plan is reduced as permitted or required by law, the amount of such reduction shall not be included in this offset.

I know this can changed in upcoming contracts, but, at least for now, it will be waiting for me unless UPS goes bankrupt.

Does not matter what happens to Central States.

The guys that retired before 2008 will be getting screwed though.

Hopefully, it can and will be fixed, for their sakes.


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Works every time for me.

Hope I'm not there at 65, hope to get out around 57-60 but... $6492.45 sounds good to me, plus SS and 401k and investments I should be good.
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