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    Does anyone know for sure if current central states upsers would recieve 2 seperate pensions under the new proposal. If someone has 20 years in central states would he get a pension check from central states for those years, and seperate check from the new pension for the remaining years when he retires? Or are his 20 years just credited to the new pension? Please respond if you have some solid knowlege about this. I have heard opinions on both sides. If central states eventually goes belly up.... this might make a huge difference how people vote.
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    How much more can be expected? As far as helping with the Central States.
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    Thats exactly what I am wondering to, Ozz. I will have 24 years in CS next August and I want to know where I stand too. I got a estimate of my PT UPS Pension recently and it said I would have to wait till I'm 65 to get all that. I don't want three different pension checks at three different ages. Let me retire and open up another full time job for someone else.
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    Scratch if the contract gets approved you should be out of cs as of dec31st this year, so how will that work towards years of service since it will split up your ftime years. Maybe we should start a thread of questions for cafers to ask their oct meetings.
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    WE were told by the union when we went on strike that if UPS withdrew from the pension that it would go belly up. Now the union is all for it because it keeps the feds out of the union's moneypot and keeps central states alive for 5 more years. Also I can see why UPS wants out...they dont want to keep feeding the dying dog. So this contract is great for the union leadership and great for UPS. But if I am correct, they are both abandoning the people who need central states to stay afloat for the long run. I hope my 21 years in central states just rolls into the new pension. Watch Yellow get out next...no one wants to be the last aboard a sinking ship.