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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by trucker1946, Jun 4, 2006.

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    I Had A Supervisor That Thought He Could Talk To Drivers With No Respect And Harass Constantly,however He Tried These Tactics On Me And He Paid The Price.i Used To Drive Feeders In The Sixties With Jack Kelly(my Friend And Ceo),i Relied This Jerks Attitude To Him And He Was Gone In A Week.thank You Dave
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    who is Dave?
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    ....wish the CEO was my buddy so I could go cry to him like a little girl whenever some sup hurt my feelings..
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    I'm sorry, Over9five...I've got to disagree with you.

    Sometimes you've got to take things outside the fence and I don't mean fighting in the parking lot.

    Management will cover for each other....right, wrong or indifferent. After repeated attempts to resolve an issue as mentioned by "trucker" internally (and you can't tell me other drivers weren't disrespected as well) he chose to take his concerns elsewhere.

    In situations like this, you've got to involve as many people as possible, inside and outside, to get something done. When you involve the good folks in Atlanta then they are pretty much forced to do something.

    I've seen it happen before.
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    trucker..Hate to break your heart but, Jack Kelly was never the CEO of UPS. JIM Kelly was the CEO. There is a Jack Kelley who retired from UPS as member of the BOD, but wasn't the CEO.
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    Can anyone say "full of crap" to this post....I just did!
  7. over9five

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    "JIM Kelly was the CEO."

    God, how'd I miss that?
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    Sounds a little like someone else we all know and love. . .:wink:
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    You were a feeder driver in the 60's huh? In the chat you said you retired after 36 years with UPS. Assuming by 60's you meant 1969 that means you were a feeder driver from day one. Don't think so.
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    wily_old_vet -

    I agree - the initial post was bogus from the start - too many discrepancies. In fact, I started to post a reply to the original post, but thought better of it.

    However, there were quite a number of 1969 new hires who were feeder drivers from day one.

    1969 was the year of the East / Midwest link-up - a period of rapid growth for UPS. Just two years earlier, if you were a shipper in Toledo, OH, you could only ship to OH, MI & IN. Now you could reach most of the states east of the Mississippi.

    The link-up also brought about the formation of the double-40 network on the Ohio Turnpike / Indiana Toll Road. We didn't have enough drivers who met the criterium of the regulating agencies and therefore had to hire drivers from the street who did. Many of those drivers never did anything but drive feeders from day one until the day they retired. ( I don't think trucker1946 was one of them though, since neither "Jack" nor "Jim" Kelley ever pulled double-40's for me :lol: )

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    Maybe he meant Jack Rodgers instead of Jim Kelly. But that wouldn't work because Jack was already a district manager in Georgia by the mid 60's. You'd think if he was that close to someone he could at least remember their name!
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    I can tell you that many people were hired directly as package drivers and feeder drivers in the '60s. I was hired directly as a package driver in 1965 and at that time there were virtually no part-time jobs. The hubs were full time as were the preloads. When I started in '65, Jim Kelly was just recently promoted to center supervisor in the Hudson Heights Center in Secaucus (now known as Meadowlands).

    By the way, Jack Kelley (yes Kelley) was a division manager in the New Jersey District (perhaps one of the three split districts from the old NJ District, not too sure due to a senior moment) in the early '70's and yes, many folks confused the two names.
  13. wily_old_vet

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    Mea culpa-I started in '73 and up until recently hadn't heard of direct to feeder hires.