changing my route everyday

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  1. I have a route same route for 5 yrs now, they change it everyday and use me as a split route. M-T i get all of my area 145-175 stops, 45 extra stops from my neighbor route, W-F they give all of my route to the same neighbor route 145-170 stops, and put me 20 mile away from my area, with buisness, and I have to do as much as I can in 2 hrs. because I have to break off to go back to my route and do my pick ups, then back off area to finish, this all could be easily fixed by adding the extra route off my area that they cut almost everyday for the last 4 yrs.
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    Just think, if you owned your own business, you could make decisions like this ... or not.
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    I wonder if this has anything to do with it:

    off mon. about 28 hrs. 2 hrs guranteed 8 6 hrs bonus, 1 hr ot, this pay period worked 5 days should be 32 hrs, 1 hr OT, 9 hrs bonus....

    There is nothing worse than a runner/gunner whining about being given more work.
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    You gotta stop thinking of it as "my route". Those days are gone.
  5. Far from whinning, i can handle the work son, i do not run 1 bit and i take my full lunch, if im going to be screwed at least screw me on my own stuff................ dont be a hater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and by the way thats 2 hrs. bonus today, you work your way and be happy the least I work and get paid bonus and guranteed pay is what i want , I m not working for this job and missing my FAMILY and FRIENDS and stuff I want to do, so stop hating......
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    Precisely. The day that we went live with EDD, the suit giving the presentation held up a map of all towns in our center and said "this is now your area".

    I've said it more than once here. If the company is going to get rich this way, you should too.
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    There's always those that do work off the clock. They're worse, IMO.
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    Its logistics!!!!
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    I do a different almost every day too. It better than not doing any route and getting stuck on a bad route.

    opps I forgot I'm a cover driver that why I do a different route most days...