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    Have any of you ever seen this show on HDtheater? The main guy Wayne has a very good relationship with U.P.S., but it seems staged. It seems like the show makes a point of filming Wayne sign for the pkgs. and the driver looks like the ones you would see in the calender (perfectly pressed and matched uniform).
    The show is filmed in Connecticut and i love watching it. I was just curious if we were a sponsor or something.
  2. cosmictrucker

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    It's a good show. I too noticed the UPS "love" Wayne gave us. My guess he cut an advertisement discount of some sort with his UPS account manager. More power to them. If you watch the newer episodes, you'll notice less on camera UPS visits or "white board" with UPS markers and such.

    UPS was also an obvious favorite with the guys at Orange County Choppers, but you rarely if ever saw UPS on camera. I think that was a great opportunity missed on our part.
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    It appeared to me that they were always waiting for late parts so I don't know if that would have been good for the UPS image or not. Everyone always blames the carrier if something is late. By the way, I think the whole Senior vs Junior thing makes for a terrible show. I don't watch it much anymore. The old Biker Build Off shows were much better than OCC hands down. I miss Indian Larry
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    They were always waiting on parts because they were always ordering stuff at the last minute. The next day air bill for them must have been huge. But thats all they were anyway, catalog builders. There are far more talented builders out there who actually innovate stuff. I too miss Indian Larry. We bumped into him at Sturgis in 94 and he was very cordial.

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    I didn't even realize Wayne had a show ! I have delivered to him many times in Portland, CT off Rt 66. He is a nice guy and the cars at his place are beautiful. I have not seen the show nor have I seen any online clips with the UPS driver in it. I will have to see if I can DVR some episodes and watch it.
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    I agree the biker build off shows are better. Got to meet Hank Young while visiting family in Marietta, Ga. Really nice guy and makes cool bikes and hot rods.