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  1. What's goin on folks!

    Let me cut to the chase- I started a podcast last October. I like to think of it as a podcast by the rank-and-file and for the rank-and-file. I'm a Teamster of 20 years and am proud to be a member Local 315 (Bay Area, CA).

    It was created to reach out to the younger, newer members in my building but it ended up appealing to stewards all across the land and especially to Teamsters like myself.

    Basically, instead of complaining about this :censored2: and never doing anything about it, I decided to try this out and I gotta say it's more successful than I expected.

    Is it for everybody? Nope. Most of yall probably won't even like it but it has over 1.7k listens total (33 episodes), a modest following, and has reached 44 states + DC. And for some odd, but greatly appreciated reason, there's a solid following in Canada (shout out to those folks north of the border).

    Anyways, it's just me. I produce it, promote it, host it, research it, and everything else associated with it. My opinions are my own and I do this :censored2: for free. Invested my own money & no advertisers or sponsorships allowed. I do it for the love of it.

    I started it because I really couldn't find pro-union Podcasts that suited what I was looking for. I explain everything in Episode 1. If you're in to pro-union Podcasts, I ask that you check it out.

    I'm all for feedback, constructive criticism, ideas, and so on but I don't respond to trolls & haters. I also don't discuss politics- union or government. It's counterproductive to the purpose of this podcast. This podcast is all about informing, encouraging, and educating those who choose to listen.

    I don't hide who I am nor do I mention the name of the company on it. I tend to walk a fine line sometimes but I've been able to keep it balanced pretty well. The local knows of it and is highly supportive and I greatly appreciate it, but I make it clear that this is not an official product of LU315 or the IBT.

    Shout out to BC for sharing my E32 on FB. Unfortunately, the company has no answer for the rash of smash-and-grabs on our drivers for cellphones. That :censored2: is outta control out here in the Bay!

    Hope y'all like it, and if not, I get it.

    Thoroughbred Teamsters • A podcast on Anchor
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    Bump. Good topics. Looking forward to new.
  3. Appreciate it
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    @Thoroughbred Teamster Regarding your “got called into the office” episode......Did you file a harassment grievance for being told to attend the training because you were over allowed? Seems like an intimidation tactic to me as well as over supervision.
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    When in doubt, file. But technically no, it's not harrassment if its paid training.
  6. We're gonna see how it goes. They've been talking about this for a few weeks now and we will supposedly be the first group, all mid & high seniority. We doubt they'll even have the start times reflect the early start next week but we'll find that out tomorrow. If we do it a second time round, we'll talk about filing.

    Thanks for checking out the podcast!
  7. Exactly. None of us have any issues with it yet. We understand where this is likely heading though. Same group called in again today. Supposedly I had a planned 8-hour day. Ended up being a paid 11+ hour day. Requested assistance for two over 100s, a cubed out truck, and a 99-degree day will likely cause me to have a third day in a row of being called in the office. I do my best, I'm consistent, I work safe, and I make sure every minute is accounted for. Grateful for the vets who taught me well.
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    Love it! Listening from New England Local 340
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    If the purpose of the action (paid or not) is to intimidate someone into working faster and/or unsafe to chase a metric then yes, it’s harassment and over supervision. Once that “training” is completed you can bet your paycheck that they’ll attempt to use the documentation from it against those (that don’t cave) the first time their overallallowed is too high.

    These shiiiiite heads have made terrible decisions (ORION, helping build up Amazon) and are feeling the pressure of those mistakes and are starting to project that pressure onto the drivers. But none of us have to put up with it.
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    The company can most certainly review methods with a driver.

    If you feel like you are being constantly harrassed and picked on over production. Grieve the hell out of it.
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  12. Truly appreciate it! I think I got some good ideas for the next few episodes so hopefully I can keep progressing & improving.
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    All time worked before your regular start time is paid at time and one half don’t
    Forget to remind them of this

    Also your 9.5 will be 30 minutes earlier
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    Harassment grievances don’t require a constant or prior behavior to be valid. That is a huge mistake people often make and end up waiting too late to address it.

    Management acknowledges that ORION, bad loads, and other daily occurrences can slow a driver down and also has the technology to corroborate these issues as well as being able to visually corroborate them.

    So, when a driver is told his numbers aren’t good enough and then is told to attend a class to be “retrained” on the methods THAT is harassment. They are being singled out based on a number on a report that they know, alone, doesn’t tell the whole story. And while ignoring the fact that many of their hot shots (on paper anyway), although are very fast, are very dangerous and often can’t even get the packages delivered to the correct addresses.

    The OPs manager acknowledged the potential problems addressed above but is still pursuing the “training” class anyway. That should be filed on immediately regardless of whether or not he/she is just doing what his/her boss ordered.

    If they simply wanted to “retrain” or refresh us on the methods that could be accomplished during a PCM among everyone instead of singling certain people out. Or, if they really want to fix metrics on a spreadsheet, among other issues, they could actually listen to the drivers and actually attempt to fix the problems that they are pretending to acknowledge exist.
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  16. 8-hour requests start 30 mins earlier too, which I happen to have on the books for one day next week.
  17. My bad on my previous blank reply, still trying to figure this out.

    I'm not sure how it would work with a prerecorded podcast. Can you elaborate?
  18. Started the 5 days of retraining on methods class. The supe seemed like he wanted to be there less than we did. Just a PowerPoint today. They'll be timing us on stuff over the next few days. It is what it is. Day 1 of going over 9.5.
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    A few of us in my center went through the training. They told us straight up we were chosen due to over allowed. I ran it by my BA about it being harassment. Next day I was told everyone will receive the training. It's the runner gunners who need training on methods. I know I'm not perfect on methods, but trying to follow them as best I can is one of the main things that slows me down. If I actually aimed for perfection, we'd be looking at another hour over allowed, easy.