chemical spill



A few weeks ago inour building we have a package with mercury leak and the building was evacuated. My daily words came true "if they don't slow it down someones going to get hurt." No one got hurt but you would think that it would wake up management to safety 1st then production. All management has quickly forgotten about the spill and its business as usual



management is not as concerned about safty as they are about their employees knowing all the right responses should an auditor pop in with a clip board and a slough of safty questions. We have had many packages leaking on area in the back of package cars,we have followed proper procedure" dont touch,secure vehicle,leave area ,notify sup" only to have someone in the office tell us to push it over to the side and leave it. They really seem to be concerned about their employees wellbeing and safty.
The first leak about an audit and their quizzing us in PCM and thru the DIAD all day long so we will give all the right answers that will make them look good. Sorry exbrownblood, I'm whinning again.


If a super is telling you to "ignore" a leaker, file a grievance. We're talking about our OSHA contract allowing us to carry ORMDs and HazMats. Managment is NOT allowed to tell you to ignore or push aside a leaker, and if they are doing so and you don't report them, YOU are going to be the one who takes the fall (along with your pre-loader)

If your center is that bad, you need to start filing reports, and keep at it until someone new comes in to help clean up. Thankfully our center is safety driven, and we actually have supers who care (or at least, can fake it very well lol) Hope your building catches on, for your health and safety's sake!


chevy 71,
not true here.
I am constantly telling my 2 newer guys to follow methods and if they find a leaker to tell me, leave the feeder and jump in with another guy or process smalls until it is taken care of. But mostly with their unload methods.
I always tell them first, forget UPS methods, think of playing with your kids in a few years.
Either lift with your legs today, and put up with the soreness until you gain the strength in them, or continue to bend at your waist when I'm not right here and see how much fun it is when you blow a disk.
Had to actually resort to threaten to write them up if they continue.
Told them any type of settlement, is not worth your health, and I speak from exp. since i myself have a herniated disk, but avoid surgery with stretching, proper exercise, stretching some more, proper diet, more stretches and Advil.

But yea, sadly, I can see where some would put the numbers before any ones health.


Just say "dont touch, secure vehicle, leave the area, contact a supervisor" End of story. I doubt if I am in a car with a smoking package, I would think of anything else. A leaking package even if not marked hazardous, could be unmarked, and unless I recognize it as oil, or perfume (avon) Im outta there and on the phone telling them to come and get it. I had orange kleen one day and although definitely not dangerous, and it smells good for about 5 minutes, then it gets nauseating. They had to come get it.


We had a driver that had a package of Orthene, a highly stinky insecticide.This stuff is ROUGH when it gets hot and this is Central Fl in the summer.The smell alone can make you very sick.
To make a long story short, his next customer called 911 and the county haz mat team arrived.
UPS was furious about this, as the car was roped off for several hours.We were all instructed the next day to call in to the center and not let customers call in about our vehicles.
In my opinion, safety is a JOKE in our building.
I have personally had a leaking haz mat on board and I was instructed to carry it in trace and deliver it later.
Many of our drivers have had similar situations.


Talk about hazardous. When I worked on the sort isle during pre-load, the unloaders ran out of a trailer they were working in. All of a sudden the most horrific smell emminated from the trailer.
The haz responders responded full suit and scba.
They pulled from the trailer a styrofoam container dripping brown slime. Turns out someone shipped Maine lobster ground. I live in the West, so those poor lobsters baked in the summer sun for a week before they were to see the light of day.